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... of old souls, dead books, and tmi?

back in February '06, I read a very interesting book: Old Souls: The Scientific Evidence For Past Lives, by Thomas Shroder, a journalist who shadows/accompanies American psychiatrist Ian Stevenson on his final two field trips to Lebanon and India. "Dr Stevenson has spent more than 30 years studying the cases of some 2000 children who spontaneously remember concrete details about dead strangers whose experiences can be documented."

Yes, I'm talking about reincarnation.

One thing that struck me about his research was, many reincarnees (?) would have some sort of birthmark that corresponded with fatal wounds that helped end their previous life. The new vessel of what had been a gunshot-through-the-heart victim, for example, might have a birthmark right over the heart, or even better, a mark on front and back of the chest for the through-and-through.

... where am I going with this? Well, for one reason or another, one of our recent Netflix rentals was The Tibetan …


yes yes yes I need to tone down the color... but hey! Welcome to the new look of Life After Work! It's been long overdue!!

Nerdy things to share about this round of change:

I heart! This is the ONLY blogger template resource I've found that has taken the time to fully define and correlate all the fonts and colors upfront such that they can be tweaked from the Fonts and Colors tab in the Layout panel. As such, I am currently having a GREEN theme, as your bleeding eyes can probably tell, but if/when I want to jazz it up to different tones of blue, brown, whatever, I can do it very easily.
I really like how the linkbar blends well with the black blogger navbar :) Yes yes I could make it blend with any of the other colored blogger navbars (see previous bullet point) but I'll stay away from unnecessary tweaking right now... but since it's built by a widget, I can't have any humorous hover text, oh well...
Thanks to advice found here and here, I&…

we're oooollllllddddd!!!

Things we did to mark / things that happened around the time of my birthday:
Red Lobster on Wednesday for linnerCan never have too many of those free cheesy butter fat-laden biscuits! And the LiiT was actually REALLY well made this time :) Oh, the food itself? Edible :)

Gave myself multiple papercut-like cuts on THREE fingers, the worst hit being my pointer finger, while cleaning the kitchen sink strainer a tad too enthusiastically :(

Rather crappy weather had us going to Grandma Sally's on Friday for brunchI really like breakfast food :) And Grandma Sally's has a pretty neat "Irish Benedict" on the menu: eggs benedict with corned beef hash. We split that as an "entree" and ordered their banana & pecan baked pancake for dessert. I swear it's not a pancake it's a cake!! We knew we'd take most of it home.... we were right.

came back, hung around, and "caught" Kosh ordering stuff from the (well, he asked for con…

that'll teach the pussy to eat hair...

... the last time we visited the in-laws, among the random conversation topics was how, when very young, Kosh's sister needed a suppository, I forget for what reason, and his dad went on about how it wouldn't stay so the doc told them to "hold her butt cheeks together" for 15 minutes or something, and how he had to do it because my MiL just didn't have the heart to do that to a screaming child.

why, you may ask, do I bring this up?

because I had a similar, rather traumatic experience this weekend, involving a "child" and its butt!

... so once in a while the psycho kitty has trouble getting her poop all the way out, and ends up scooting across the floor, leaving sine waves of poop smears as she struggles to remove the turd by friction.

... so over the weekend Kosh heard her behaving funny as she emerged from the litter box, went to check and then I hear "What are you doing??? What are you doing???? Hey Lynne? She's making sine waves again!!" …

... of hurty fingers, magic and avatar choices ...

my left pointer finger is sporting at least five papercut-like cuts, due to an incident in the kitchen yesterday afternoon.

... then ushered in my birthday with Magic... NOT really my choice, but I did promise Kosh I'd reward him with a game or two if he got some solid studying done today. Surprise surprise, he actually earned playtime. at a few minutes past midnight. ugh. anyhooo... "played" 2 games using the new Shadowmoor premade decks (Turnaround and something about Entropy) ... and the quotation marks are there because I was manna screwed each time, the first time I had plenty of mountains and not a swamp, so cast a few spells but had nothing to block Kosh's creatures. The second time? 2 swamps. Only. Couldn't cast nothing, so again, nothing to block, so I was dead in record time. This game has always been frustrating to me, I will quickly sink into a grand funk when the deck screws me over, , , and these two games were over in like 5 rounds each time…


... or "intermission", continued!

I have no idea why I've been documenting my recent kitchen adventures with such enthusiasm... So far there are now 21 pix in the Facebook album I've devoted to this topic ... today yesterday (it *is* 2am!) I was particularly proud of the impromptu lunch which involved juggling three pots/pans on the stove to produce egg noodles alfredo with a side of salmon sauteed with onion & veggies. follow this link for the album, recent photos at the end.

... final installment on the "throwaway" "series" soon!!


... we take a break from the throwaway series to bring you this picture:

That, dear reader(s), is my first ever Waldorf Salad!

Doubled & subbed/played around a little with this recipe .... not too bad! I'd probably to it over with less salt & pepper, and perhaps sub in craisins and/or vanilla yogurt... we'll see... takes forever to work one's way through a double portion tho, be warned!

... and WHY? you ask, would I bother making this? To help Kosh and I snack on something much healthier than his Hershey Nuggets and my B&J ice cream!! It's working! Now to continue with the evening walks, and trying to hit the gym more than just once a week... :p :p

throwaway - Part 2

Continuing my train of thought on wastefulness... (Part One here)


Yes, you read that right. Dust.

Back when I was young, every Saturday was cleaning day. With a parental unit as taskmaster, we'd use the feather duster to send dust off of the shelves into the air to fall back onto the shelves and perhaps onto the floor, which we then swept with crappy brooms that let as much dust escape as it actually swept, into a pile that was then brushed into the hand-held pan, again liberating clouds of dust back into the air, then dumped into the rubbish bag, again with the dust liberation. Cough cough! The only real way to "tame" it all was by mopping the floors. What a battle, one that was fought and lost every single weekend for *how* many years of my life??

A "cure" to all that - a dustmop! You wield it like a mop, but it's for dust! No more dust flying around! w00t!

I'd owned one for a brief period of time in Malaysia, and found it ex…

throwaway - Part 1

Being half Swiss and having been exposed since very young to the frugalism that defines most of Europe (that, amusingly, here in the U.S. seems to be the stereotype for Jews!), wastefulness does grate on me.

Here in the U.S., I feel it even more keenly than elsewhere.

I understand that in many cases, what I see as wastefulness is "just" the consequence of advancement of society. Or aversion to risk (self-preservation?). Lots of other reasons.

But, most probably, it's ultimately driven by the bottom line.

Part One: FOOD

... definitely for this example, anyway!

It came as a shock to me back in the mid-90's when a friend of mine, working at the university residence hall cafeteria, shared that there was always A LOT of food left over - unserved! I'm not talking what was out at the buffet line! - and that all this food got thrown away after every meal.


Because even though the food could go to good use at any homeless shelter, the liability in case someone go…

sweaty smiley

... "fresh" from a 30min stint on the elliptical ...

sweaty smiley!! [kinda ... maybe a sweaty sneer?]

Heh. I look like I have disproportionately wide shoulders vs waist. Or maybe it's just that most of my fat is situated at the FRONT/ belly? :p

... mashed potato pizza, or how I can now create a new blogroll ...

For the longest time I've wanted to have a separate blogroll for "people I know / have met" but also for the longest time all I'd have on that list were fewer than 5 people, most of them being my schoolmates whom I've known since, well, school, who got bit by the blogging bug within the past 2 years or so.

But last night, that all changed.

I attended Davecago!

... and I managed to get Kosh to come along too!

The plan was to get there at 5pm, but we ran a little late, and were of course subject to the vagaries of the public transport system, arriving right at 5:30pm instead, and everyone was already there (well, one latecomer after us, but still)..

... now, I tend to exhibit the social properties of wallpaper than that of a butterfly, so arriving next-to-last made the meeting-new-people aspect of the gathering a bit daunting, especially since everyone else seemed to know each other. Thankfully in total we were about 14, so while daunting, it certainly wasn't ove…

time for change!

testing out a new look!! (original here).

whaddaya think?

I think it's waaaay too blue... but I can probably tweak that... ... ... once I figure out how to play with the header to make it like the one currently in use here, with the 15+ headers randomly shown for each page load - not ready to part with that :)

And while you're there, answer the poll too, k?

Cheers, and have a auspicious 8/8/08!! :)


... so Kosh and I have been trying to be good about increasing the level of our physical activity.

Among other things, we've been walking around the neighbourhood a lot, either in the evenings for a post-dinner walk (anywhere between 10 - 40 mins, depending on our route), or sometime during the day for errands, or for "earning" breakfast :)

Dropping byElisette's today, found some support for our efforts: "my" neighbourhood has a Walk Score rating of 85. Explore this site, it's got lots of interesting stuff about this whole concept of *gasp!* walking!! I've gotta say, I really do like this little neck o' the woods where we live - lots of things nearby, and an "el" station also nearby for trips I need to make elsewhere.

Here's the "reward" from one of our "breakfast walks":

Venue: Hashbrown's @ S Halsted & W Maxwell

Their specialty is hashbrowns made from sweet potatoes: them yams are not so much hashed …

another movie meme!!

... my most recent movie (quote) meme was in March; y'all identified all except one: the one that stumped my readers? The Rocky Horror Picture Show! :) Tsk tsk tsk! :) I suppose if I'd used the "shiver in anticip...pation" line it would have been easier to identify?? Anyways, as threatened earlier (although the fulfillment of said threat is much later than anticip...pated), here's another entry in the meme category:

The source is again Karl (*waves!*).


So Entertainment Weekly came up with a list of the top 100 movies of the last 25 years.

I've changed the "rules" a bit: I’ve bolded the movies that I’ve watched, and put asterisks** next to the ones that I've watched multiple times (catching bits and pieces on tv doesn't count!). Also, I’ve listed the movies I DIDN’T like in red and those I didn't/couldn't finish watching in italics (these would probably have earned a "red" if I'd watched it all, LoL!). Finally, I&…


So recently I became an aunt.

The thing is, Kosh and I are not sure what sort of gift would be useful let alone practical, since the baby's main digs will be in Switzerland, but momma and baby are temporarily in Malaysia for the duration of her pantang... I'm always the practical sort, don't put it past me to give a gift of diapers,,, but unless I tell my own mother to buy that and give on our behalf,,, ehh... not the same...

So, Kosh and I came up with this solution:

Sorry for the crappy pic - Kosh & I were trying out our camera for the first time!

We essentially sent them I.O.U.s - redeemable for "a baby gift, a night of babysitting, or other items or services [terms & conditions apply]"

I had fun with the fine print ;) do you see it wrapped all along the side of each "voucher"?

Fine Print #1:
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. One transaction per certificate. Originals only; no photocopies honored. Wow you read this!

Fine Print #…