Friday, August 01, 2008


So recently I became an aunt.

The thing is, Kosh and I are not sure what sort of gift would be useful let alone practical, since the baby's main digs will be in Switzerland, but momma and baby are temporarily in Malaysia for the duration of her pantang... I'm always the practical sort, don't put it past me to give a gift of diapers,,, but unless I tell my own mother to buy that and give on our behalf,,, ehh... not the same...

So, Kosh and I came up with this solution:

Sorry for the crappy pic - Kosh & I were trying out our camera for the first time!

We essentially sent them I.O.U.s - redeemable for "a baby gift, a night of babysitting, or other items or services [terms & conditions apply]"

I had fun with the fine print ;) do you see it wrapped all along the side of each "voucher"?

Fine Print #1:
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. One transaction per certificate. Originals only; no photocopies honored. Wow you read this!

Fine Print #2:
Terms and Conditions: Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. One certificate per transaction. Not transferable. Congratulations, your glasses are the right strength. Always read the fine print.

ah, sometimes I really amuse myself :)

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  1. You didn't like Napoleon Dynamite?????

    ...I don't understand.

    You have some of the same ones I couldn't make it through either. I've seen so many parts of Brokeback Mountain that I can piece together the gyst of it, but it always puts me to sleep.


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