Monday, August 18, 2008


... we take a break from the throwaway series to bring you this picture:

That, dear reader(s), is my first ever Waldorf Salad!

Doubled & subbed/played around a little with this recipe .... not too bad! I'd probably to it over with less salt & pepper, and perhaps sub in craisins and/or vanilla yogurt... we'll see... takes forever to work one's way through a double portion tho, be warned!

... and WHY? you ask, would I bother making this? To help Kosh and I snack on something much healthier than his Hershey Nuggets and my B&J ice cream!! It's working! Now to continue with the evening walks, and trying to hit the gym more than just once a week... :p :p


  1. ooh.. Nice. I actually like salads, but I am not the one cooking at home, so not getting a lot of salads.

    Still, I have always found yogurt, plain or flavoured, to go very well with some fruit salad.

  2. That looks delicious! I need to remember that I love salads and make them more often!

  3. Hi thanks for trying my broccoli cheddar salad and liking it ;-) you can just adjust the dressing to your taste next time. My husband and I love to eat salad and I might try this Waldorf Salad too, tks for sharing. It's perfect since its apple picking season here already. See you around.


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