Friday, August 22, 2008

... of hurty fingers, magic and avatar choices ...

my left pointer finger is sporting at least five papercut-like cuts, due to an incident in the kitchen yesterday afternoon.

... then ushered in my birthday with Magic... NOT really my choice, but I did promise Kosh I'd reward him with a game or two if he got some solid studying done today. Surprise surprise, he actually earned playtime. at a few minutes past midnight. ugh. anyhooo... "played" 2 games using the new Shadowmoor premade decks (Turnaround and something about Entropy) ... and the quotation marks are there because I was manna screwed each time, the first time I had plenty of mountains and not a swamp, so cast a few spells but had nothing to block Kosh's creatures. The second time? 2 swamps. Only. Couldn't cast nothing, so again, nothing to block, so I was dead in record time. This game has always been frustrating to me, I will quickly sink into a grand funk when the deck screws me over, , , and these two games were over in like 5 rounds each time ... [insert expletives here] ... at least it seems Kosh has finally learned this lesson and didn't insist on going for more games to "warm the deck up" :p

Oh, and I further aggravated the cut-up finger shuffling the deck.


... and now for something completely different ... which of the following manga avatars do you think is more "me"?

.. ... .. or #2:
(thanks to RunJenRun for this cool tool!)

why two? well, one I did myself, another with Kosh's input. Not too much difference, but enough that I figured I'd put both up for votage :) Your input please! :)

now I'm off to bed (it's 1:30 am!) ... if the weather holds out tomorrow we are going to do touristy things in the city, seeing as I've not done those things in the 2+ years we've been here, and Kosh actually wants to mark the day for some reason, crazy dude, he must like me or something, teeheheee!


  1. Happy Birthday Lynne! I forgot that yours was so close to mine lol.

    I usher in the big 3-0 on Saturday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! *hugs*

    pls claim your award at my blog. thx! ^^V

  3. Happy birthday! And you should totally do some touristy things this weekend - that's always fun! (just be prepared for crowds...)

    As for the avatars... I kind of lean more toward the one with the blue background. They're both really good, though!

  4. I like #2 - it's more friendly!

    Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I like the second one better, but both are good.


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