Friday, August 29, 2008


yes yes yes I need to tone down the color... but hey! Welcome to the new look of Life After Work! It's been long overdue!!

Nerdy things to share about this round of change:

  • I heart! This is the ONLY blogger template resource I've found that has taken the time to fully define and correlate all the fonts and colors upfront such that they can be tweaked from the Fonts and Colors tab in the Layout panel. As such, I am currently having a GREEN theme, as your bleeding eyes can probably tell, but if/when I want to jazz it up to different tones of blue, brown, whatever, I can do it very easily.

  • I really like how the linkbar blends well with the black blogger navbar :) Yes yes I could make it blend with any of the other colored blogger navbars (see previous bullet point) but I'll stay away from unnecessary tweaking right now... but since it's built by a widget, I can't have any humorous hover text, oh well...

  • Thanks to advice found here and here, I've managed to have the QuickEdit tool (convenient for me, you won't see it) and e-Mail Link (that envelope&arrow icon - useful to readers, I hope!) reappear. I don't know when/why they disappeared, but I've missed them!

  • to my surprise I wasn't on feedburner?!! I suppose it was my other blog/personality that had tried it out. Anyways, so I'm redirecting the blogger default feed to/via feedburner now; hopefully that doesn't negatively impact existing subscribers :D

  • Blogger's got some really nifty widgets now, including their version of a blogroll! So I'm gonna be deserting my blogroll from in favor of Blogger's, and will divvy it up into categories, including Face-to-Face, i.e. "Bloggers I've Met"

  • have unsuccessfully tried to add a tabbed sidebar - got it mostly there, then started tweaking,,, and it all went kablooey... I'll keep trying... but it's already 2:45 a.m. ... not sure just how much more real progress I'll make right now... UPDATE: found a better/easier version here, done ~3:20am!!

... and finally
  • I feel I've been rather stagnant, in terms of my producing blog posts and my discovering new blogs (and therefore, hopefully, having new folk discovering me) ... my other blog personality tried BlogExplosion but found it rather superficial, so I'm in no hurry to repeat that path here. Instead, I'm trying out Entrecard. Its concept is for folk within the network to drop their calling card when visiting each other... of course, every drop/visit gets a credit, and build up credits in order to "advertise" on others' sites. It'll probably be as superficial as BE, but perhaps I'll see some new faces, and get inspired to write more/better!

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