Wednesday, August 13, 2008

sweaty smiley

... "fresh" from a 30min stint on the elliptical ...

sweaty smiley!! [kinda ... maybe a sweaty sneer?]

Heh. I look like I have disproportionately wide shoulders vs waist. Or maybe it's just that most of my fat is situated at the FRONT/ belly? :p


  1. this is so cool and bizarre at the same time!

  2. Too funny! But I think Kapgar is right. It looks a little like a skull!

  3. It's the happy exercise clown!

    I sweat A TON when I exercise!

  4. Ooo.. cool.

    I think the shoulders has to do with your swimming last time, right?

  5. Kim saw the clown!! yay!! That was *my* first thought :)

    ... wouldn't have seen the skull wihout Kevin's eye ...

    and yes Kin, that's the only explanation I can give - swimming when young. Funny thing is, I never did it seriously, or properly, but I suppose we did it often enough during the important formative years?


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