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we're oooollllllddddd!!!

Things we did to mark / things that happened around the time of my birthday:
  • Red Lobster on Wednesday for linner
  • Can never have too many of those free cheesy butter fat-laden biscuits! And the LiiT was actually REALLY well made this time :) Oh, the food itself? Edible :)

  • Gave myself multiple papercut-like cuts on THREE fingers, the worst hit being my pointer finger, while cleaning the kitchen sink strainer a tad too enthusiastically :(

  • Rather crappy weather had us going to Grandma Sally's on Friday for brunch
  • I really like breakfast food :) And Grandma Sally's has a pretty neat "Irish Benedict" on the menu: eggs benedict with corned beef hash. We split that as an "entree" and ordered their banana & pecan baked pancake for dessert. I swear it's not a pancake it's a cake!! We knew we'd take most of it home.... we were right.

  • came back, hung around, and "caught" Kosh ordering stuff from the (well, he asked for confirmation - do you really want this Cat Yin Yang pendant... ended up getting that and another bracelet, and some other stuff, thus providing funds for 70 bowls of food for animals living in sanctuaries and shelters!)

  • installed graphics card in 'puter so that it won't crash after too many hours of Sim City. That was an adventure and a half!! But it's all done now... and I immediately set the game options to HIGH for everything - omg the level of detail in the game is awesome - NOW I get to see it!! :p

  • the weekend is a blur... Saturday I think we might have worked out, then I probably Simmed while Kosh puttered around (he's supposed to studying for a major exam!!)... Sunday I got off my butt and did some spring cleaning of my own, rediscovering my attempt at putting together a family tree of sorts to keep track of Kosh's family and mine (I only know my most immediate Swiss relatives, and have totally lost track of nephews & nieces being produced by my Malaysian cousins!) I then hunted for, found, downloaded and started using a genealogical program to enter data... next thing we know it's like 3 am ... off the bed!!

  • MONDAY: - we finally did the touristy thing originally planned for Friday: taking the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour!
  • It was the perfect day for such an endeavor; with temperatures in the 70's we weren't baked, and in fact found ourselves a wee bit chilly at times. It drained us more than we realised though - remember we'd only hit the hay at like 3am, we were on the move the whole day 11am - 7pm!
  • We essentially took the tour bus into town for lunch, and only after did we do the actual tour. Lunch was at Bandera's. Why would we want to go to a place that seems a bit on the exclusive/expensive side, venue of power lunches, etc etc etc? Well, a while ago I had searched the 'net for places to find BBQ beef ribs (only my fave thing ever on Fridays in Urbana!) and this place seemed to have pretty good reviews for its beef ribs and skillet cornbreak, so I wanted to try it out. We shared one order of the ribs and since I couldn't see the skillet thingy we got a side of cornbread and panini. My first impression of the ribs was "omg that's it?? Porgy's has like 4 times the meat at a quarter the cost!!" But it kinda worked out well, because this was we weren't overstuffed at the end of the meal. We even took back one slice each of the cornbread and panini. The coleslaw that came with the ribs was absolutely delish, if a little bit oily - now to figure out what they used...

  • after the meal, we caught the bus and off we went for the tour. I suppose you'd call us lazy and/or boring tourists: we only got off at two stops - one for free chocolate, and one at the end of the day, which happened to be the free popcorn stop teeheehee! All I wanted was sort of an overview of the city from a tourist's perspective, and that's exactly what I got - mission accomplished! :)

  • We left the bus at the theatre district in the heart of the loop, and walked back while munching on popcorn. Reached home around 7pm. I was more tired than I knew - totally failed at doing math and ended up calling my brother to wish him happy birthday thinking it was 11pm his time - - turned out it was like 1 or 2 am so not only was I LATE in calling him, I WOKE HIM UP, he of the 2-month-old baby who probably needs all the sleep he can snatch!! I feel bad about it,,, maybe more certificates will make up for it?? :D :D :D

  • I was so tired I passed out for an hour or two on the couch: woke up to Kosh ushering me to bed. That was about 10pm. We were still tossing and turning at 1am. You know how you can be so tired you just can't sleep? Ugh. Ended up back in front of the tv, I think I finally dosed off at 3am, while Kosh took a while longer, finally putting LotR - guaranteed to put anyone to zzzz-land! :D

... so today we woke up totally wasted. I emerged around 10am, Kosh slept till past noon. And for most of the day we've not been very productive. Total zombies, in fact. Yesterday's tour is the most probable culprit. Wow, we must really be getting old, to be so floored by a day of low-key touristy stuff. Imagine being in a foreign country and being a real tourist? We'd need a holiday to recover from such a trip!! We both feel soooo oooolllllddddd....!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lynn!!

    Glad you had a god time - anytime spent with the ones we love is good.

    I so know what you mean about feeling old. My body tells me that every now and then when I forget and try to do something more adventurous than the ordinary. Hahahaa...


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