Friday, August 08, 2008

time for change!

testing out a new look!! (original here).

whaddaya think?

I think it's waaaay too blue... but I can probably tweak that... ... ... once I figure out how to play with the header to make it like the one currently in use here, with the 15+ headers randomly shown for each page load - not ready to part with that :)

And while you're there, answer the poll too, k?

Cheers, and have a auspicious 8/8/08!! :)


  1. I kind of like it, but it's very wide. I bet I'll get used to it after awhile :)

  2. hi lynne, looks like quite a few of my linkees have updated their 'hairstyles' :D

    I like it, i think it's easier to read :)

  3. Kim> I'm looking to narrow them sidebars and widen the actual blog space a bit more :)

    Yo> Thanks! I've still got lots of tweaks before I "transfer" it to this blog itself, but yeah it's time to update :)


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