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random memory

"mommy mommy is that snow mommy?"

rolling of eyes, exasperated sigh: "sure, yes, that's snow."

"ooooh snow! snow!!! Mommy mommy tell the pilot to stop the plane, we want to get off and play in the snow!!"My brother and I were quite young then, maybe 5 & 7? We were in an airplane either heading to or from Switzerland. I remember we were quite active running up and down the aisles, eagerly exploring, excited at anything and everything as only young children can be. At this scene, we were peering out of the window in the 'common area" by an emergency exit, where the flight attendants pull down seats and buckle up for landing. Us kids, we were jumping up and down in excitement and joy at the prospect of snow.

Snow was this magical thing we got to play with only in Switzerland. So either we'd not gotten our fill of playing prior to us having to get back to Malaysia, or we were so eagerly looking forward to it that we didn't want to…

*flash!* a-ah!

At Moomykin's prompt, I've been giving some thought as to what my earliest childhood memory might be.

I don't remember many things, and the few I do remember exist usually as flashes of images, sometimes with the emotions relating to them.

** flash! **
my brother finding a kitten under a tree, naming it Luke Skywalker.

** flash! **
playing with kittens at my cousins' place, totally enamoured by the little things, not realising that by insisting on holding on to them as they struggled to get away, they were peeing and pooping on me, and my cousins saw but didn't say anything, and I felt so stupid and ashamed when my mother discovered me sitting there, clutching the kittens, covered in shit.

** flash! **
playing in the bathtub, taking a bath, with a cousin who was spending the night at our place.

** flash! **
falling and hitting my head against a drain - i remember the *clunk* of head vs concrete, and the circumstances leading up to the fall, but nothing afterwards.

** fl…

... a sign of the times?

TRUE OR FALSE: Every single ("analogue") watch you see in any advertisement will show a time of 10:10 (occasionally 2:50), you know, like a smiley face?

If you answered TRUE, well, believe it or not, you're wrong!

I came across an ad recently that blew my mind:

Instead of smiling, this watch is FROWNING?!!


I have no idea if it's just this one company that's bucking tradition and convention. After all, the watch on their main page shows the conventional 10:10, everything normal.... but when you delve into their catalogue, it's. so. weird. to see 'em all frowning!

What is this particular watch company trying to say?

I'm speculating that they are trying to capture an audience that has perhaps been overlooked in the past, not directly addressed.

An audience that takes great stock in all things numerological.

An audience that numbers 1.3 billion or so.

An audience that lurrrrves all things fatt / eight.

Take a look again at the picture above: even the date s…

"no one's gonna eat your eyes"

So I stumbled across this song / video a while ago... finally remembered to share it with y'all:

I just love this part: "All we want to do is eat your brain!
We're not unreasonable, I mean,
no one's gonna eat your eyes."More by Jonathan Coulton here.

Dunno about you, but the day I found this song, I kept playing it over and over and over and over and over and over.... tell me how *you* like it!


it's almost 2am.

this is friggin irritating.

so I decided to go ahead and change the template already, and will catch up with the retroactive labeling of my posts over the nest week or so.


ONE: i have no idea why items in the sidebar are not lining up in a straight line! I first noticed it when the profile and archives didn't match up with the hacked labels boxes.... thought it was a function of "blogger" vs "hack" settings... then I looked at "misc stuff to sort" and omg I just about died! As far as I know there aren't any padding/margin/alignment functions associated with those individual items, and yet they are all over the place?! Can anyone shed some light on this?

TWO: i'd decided I wasn't going to clutter the sidebar with a whole list of blogs: I'd only keep the list because it's really kewl and it would reward the most recent referrers, so i spent a lot of time clicking on each and every one of my blo…

i remember... or do i?

I remember sometime somewhere in my past, I came across a little point to ponder blurb that went something like:A: "Oh, what's your address?"
B: "[blah blah blah]"
A: "Hang on a second, let me write it down so I won't forget"
B: "Don't you mean you want to write it down so that you can forget?"Wrap your mind around that for a moment.

I can certainly relate to this in terms of phone numbers: when I was much younger, and all we had was landlines, I had almost every one of my friends' phone numbers committed to memory. But now? Apart from Kosh's mobile, my handphone, and our landline, I do not know anyone else's numbers, not even my parents'. Why bother, when my handphone memory remembers them all for me? So when I'm inputting a new number, I don't even bother to try to remember a thing: I know it's in there somewhere, that's good enough for me; I'll fill the space in my brain with other stuff. Lik…

like Axl Rose said...

... all you need is just a little patience...["regular" blogging will commence... sometime... I assure you!]

in the meantime,

... I was idly checking my sitemeter stats, and saw that someone by the name of rachel82111 (from Oz, if I'm not mistaken) pointed to this blog (shoulda been this post, but who's complaining?) from Yahoo!Answers... on guess what question? "Once you have a floater in your eye is it there all day every day?"


No idea who rachel82111 is, but thanx gurrl! :-)

Labels, part deux

decluttering my labels

quick note to those few who subscribe to this page's feed, you might be seeing my very very old posts coming up as new/unread: no worries, I'm just retroactively adding labels to them.

fyi, I only started randomly assigning labels to my posts since maybe last December, and I very quickly realised they were going to get out of control! So one of the items to do before the "Life After Work rebirth" was to come up with a relatively simple yet MECE* set of labels that would cover the gamut of my ramblings here.
* MECE = Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive ;-)
I referred to some other blogs, consulted & technorati (not very useful!), scribbled on a few pieces of paper... Took a few iterations, but I think I've finally got it! ... Of course, this will entail my going back and re-re-relabeling some posts, aarrggghhh!

So much for doing it right the first time :-(

Here, for my reference as much as yours, is my list of labels:

Location of contentsUS (f…