Thursday, May 31, 2007

random memory

"mommy mommy is that snow mommy?"

rolling of eyes, exasperated sigh: "sure, yes, that's snow."

"ooooh snow! snow!!! Mommy mommy tell the pilot to stop the plane, we want to get off and play in the snow!!"
My brother and I were quite young then, maybe 5 & 7? We were in an airplane either heading to or from Switzerland. I remember we were quite active running up and down the aisles, eagerly exploring, excited at anything and everything as only young children can be. At this scene, we were peering out of the window in the 'common area" by an emergency exit, where the flight attendants pull down seats and buckle up for landing. Us kids, we were jumping up and down in excitement and joy at the prospect of snow.

Snow was this magical thing we got to play with only in Switzerland. So either we'd not gotten our fill of playing prior to us having to get back to Malaysia, or we were so eagerly looking forward to it that we didn't want to wait till we arrived in Switzerland? Either way, that blanket of clouds the airplanes fly over when they've gained enough altitude certainly looked like snow to us :-)

To our disappointment, mother did *not* have the pilot stop the plane so we could play in the "snow".

And it was only later did I understand why a fellow passenger had been greatly amused by our ardent request.

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  1. So can you remember anything younger than age 5?

    Snow is magical to us still... have never seen it for real.. and Thanks to "Barney and friends", 3 year old Micah loves snow too... and sometimes when the wind blows loads of leaves off the trees, he gets excites and calls, "It's snowing! It's snowing!"


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