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books, glorious books

Well, my book-reading progress for 2007 has been a bit on the slow side: I'm only on my 11th book for the year.

My reading has come in spurts. I had that period where I was consuming one book after another. Then I had books that had called out to me in the library, that had gotten checked out, that languished on desk for a month! The borrowing period is three weeks. Late fees. Ugh.

I have been rather busy and distracted lately. Procrastinating on French homework, having lots of fun in the oral [heehehe] comprehension class. Investing a lot of time on spewage that might end up as memoir fodder if I choose to really buckle down and *write*. Anticip[say it!]pating this past weekend's official celebration of the wedding we'd had last September ["NOW it's official!" said so many of the attendees]. Dealing with the overabundance of photos. Picking out good ones. Thank you cards. Koash was recently on a week's vacation too, in addition to having been on a relatively regular schedule and able to knock off of work by 6pm, so we had more real together time. Of course today he starts on another rotation, and is already on-call so I won't see him till Saturday noon. Ugh.

The busy-ness is winding down [for now]. This past weekend was that mental shift from spring to summer, a summer that is trying to break through the haze of clouds I see as I gaze out the window. I need to decide whether I'm going to attend a wedding in Malaysia in July, a family reunion in Switzerland in August. Because these would take priority, I won't be signing up for another round of French classes, neither will I explore other writing class options. Until I know my schedule.

And until then? I think I'll be picking up more books. Preferably I'll read them too, LoL! Not that I have a specific target or anything! But I *do* have over SIXTY items in my to-read list. And it's only going to get longer, I'm sure! Time to get cracking on looking for specific books from this list when at the library, instead of going solely by laying my hands on whatever jumps out at me!

Remember how I'd kept track of my reads last year? This year, I'm going about it a bit differently, thanks to the invite I got to join Good Reads [thanx, Eden!]: since I didn't see a limit to the number of books on your virtual bookshelf [for Library Thing it's only 200!], I went ahead and signed up. I'm not going to retroactively capture books I've read, but will use it for at least this year's reads. I can rate and review my books as well as see who else is reading what. If you wanna join, just sign up, or email me your email addy and i'll invite ya.

Also, if you've been paying attention, you'll know that I've been contributing book reviews in spurts [there's that word again!] over at Fun With Dead Trees.

There'll be overlap between the two. I'll probably whip up quick reviews at Good Reads, then hunker down with a more coherent/thought-out review for FWDT. Although knowing me, I may end up getting too lazy to produce a "proper" review! We'll see how it goes...

What am I currently reading?
The God Emperor of Dune [Book 4 of the Dune Chronicles]


  1. Whoo! I also like Good Reads. Ensie turned me onto it.

  2. Lynne, you change the layout... I thought the previous was better and reader friendly too.

    I suspended reading books for a while as I'm concentrating on exam. Would have to be on sabbatical for a while.

  3. Eden> .. and I'll pass the word on to other readers I know :-)

    Mav> yup... i haven't decided whether to buckle down and tweak this template a little bit more, or just throw up my hands in disgust and find something else more to my taste... i want something of WOOD/FOREST, or EARTH, feng shui good elements for me :-)

  4. Wow, So this is what you do with all the time you have. Really great. I am trying to read this "The Developing Child" by Elizabeth Murphy, but keep falling asleep after a page... Tired mum-me...


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