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Movie Updates

I am NOT a fan of zombie movies. Nor of horror movies in general... certainly not the in-your-face blood-and-gore fest type... I appreciate the psychological thriller, but those can really get to me too, so I tend to not bother with them either.

And yet... there's been a recent confluence of zombie-related things:
    1. First was that "we're not gonna eat your eyes" song/vid that was stuck in my head, I kept bursting out singing the chorus at random times, LoL!

    2. Then, Netflix delivered Slither. I had told Kosh before that "this one's allllll you!"; as far as I was concerned it was just another killer creature horror flick [okay so I based that opinion on the movie poster, but hey, take a look at it and see if you agree!]. Kosh's response was essentially "well, you liked Shaun of the Dead, right? This is pretty much in the same vein, from what I saw in the previews - a funny zombie movie. Let's start watching, and if you really don't like it we can stop and watch something else, k?" "Eh? it's a zombie movie? I thought it's about giant slugs? I'm confuuuuuused... Yeah whatever, hit play, let's get this over with..." And wow, it certainly had that magic combination of being a zombie/horror movie but with so much comedy mixed in with it, it kinda made up for it! My only real beef is with Nathan Fillion though: his character in this movie seems still very much the same as when he was Mal Reynolds in Firefly, and even Father Caleb in BtVS. Sure, each certainly was appropriate for the story, but, branch out, dude!! Anyways, if you're looking for a campy horror-yet-not movie, check out Slither.

    3. The final element to make the magic number 3 came courtesy of Post Secret.

    I can understand the whole "can't stand someone you're supposed to be close with", but, omg, there's just something about banning her from a zombie shelter of all places! Something so unlikely, yet, it really captures where a line has been drawn.

    Every time I read this I'm just laughing away... yet I wonder about the person who sent in the postcard, is that really her zombie shelter kit, is she really that into zombie movies, what's that bottle of booze for? Are you sure that's enough ammo? Where is the zombie shelter located, in case I need to make my way there one day?

Moving on....

So a few days ago, we got Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, again courtesy of Netflix.

The DVD looks like a DVD-R, handwritten title and all, haahahaaa at first I thought the previous viewer had ripped but placed the wrong copy back in the sleeve or something... a closer look showed that it was genuine, that it certainly was in the spirit of the movie to do something like this, heehehee!

Now, I'd said before that this was a movie I knew I'd only be able to take in smaller doses. Yep. Although we did go though 2/3, or about 1 hr, in one day. The last 30 mins we did yesterday.

Verdict? Pretty much as expected - very tiring, some humor mixed into really painful-to-watch situations, sure, go ahead and get it... but be warned... Don't watch the movie with a cat on your lap, a cat who still has claw in the hind legs, a cat who gets scared by loud noises, shouts, exclamations...

Here's what you may get as a consequence:
Sorry about the crappy picture, but if you use your creativity you may see that this is a rather large and long scratch on Kosh's leg, from the cat.

Who freaked.

As *we* freaked...

... watching in disbelief as Borat and Azamat did their, errr, fighting scene. I was totally making these weird noises, a mix between laughter and screams, alternating between burying my face into Kosh's shoulder and watching the outrageous actions onscreen, wondering how on earth movie-goers reacted to this LMAO!

Even better? After our initial shock, we went back to the beginning of the scene, and played it slo-mo, pausing and studying certain sections, sometimes zooming in for a better view [I *lurve!* DVDs!] trying to figure out things like how come someone's twig&berries weren't showing despite all the action [probably hidden by his enormous rolls of fat?], and omg was that his scrotum?

You have been warned....

Have a good rest-of-the-weekend!


  1. I just came here from postsecret, and was wondering about the zombie kit! It is a protective kit for when zombies take over?

    Why don't cats like Borat? I still haven't seen it... and still don't want to ;)


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