Wednesday, May 23, 2007

... a sign of the times?

TRUE OR FALSE: Every single ("analogue") watch you see in any advertisement will show a time of 10:10 (occasionally 2:50), you know, like a smiley face?

If you answered TRUE, well, believe it or not, you're wrong!

I came across an ad recently that blew my mind:

Instead of smiling, this watch is FROWNING?!!


I have no idea if it's just this one company that's bucking tradition and convention. After all, the watch on their main page shows the conventional 10:10, everything normal.... but when you delve into their catalogue, it's. so. weird. to see 'em all frowning!

What is this particular watch company trying to say?

I'm speculating that they are trying to capture an audience that has perhaps been overlooked in the past, not directly addressed.

An audience that takes great stock in all things numerological.

An audience that numbers 1.3 billion or so.

An audience that lurrrrves all things fatt / eight.

Take a look again at the picture above: even the date shows an 8! [No worries about the "No. 8", that's its series/model number]

And how about this Ref 388 model, from the No. 3 series?

The time on its face is 8:18:08.

Notice how *all* numbers are in Roman numerals.... EXCEPT 8!

Even better: its simple calendar shows an "8" while its 24 hour counter shows "18".

Really can't deny that all these watches are overflowing with "fatt"!

So... has anyone else seen any other ads from any other company that also deny the 10:10 "rule"? If so, please point me in their direction - I am really intrigued by this bucking of convention!

= = = = = P/S = = = = = any idea why the text & photos aren't floating like they claim in my preview / compose views?


  1. Really observant. But does it sell is the question?

  2. Weird... I didn't know that rule, but I know now I will be difinetely looking for it!

  3. I wouldn't have noticed it at all, haha. That was very observant of you, Lynne. :-D

    Some companies do choose to defy conventional wisdom in their ads.

  4. Hmm.. I did not know you are so into the Fung Shui thingi. So Chinese!! This is something new I just found out about you, my friend. Yes, we had a big gap in our friendship from the time we left school.


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