Thursday, May 03, 2007

decluttering my labels

quick note to those few who subscribe to this page's feed, you might be seeing my very very old posts coming up as new/unread: no worries, I'm just retroactively adding labels to them.

fyi, I only started randomly assigning labels to my posts since maybe last December, and I very quickly realised they were going to get out of control! So one of the items to do before the "Life After Work rebirth" was to come up with a relatively simple yet MECE* set of labels that would cover the gamut of my ramblings here.
* MECE = Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive ;-)

I referred to some other blogs, consulted & technorati (not very useful!), scribbled on a few pieces of paper... Took a few iterations, but I think I've finally got it! ... Of course, this will entail my going back and re-re-relabeling some posts, aarrggghhh!

So much for doing it right the first time :-(

Here, for my reference as much as yours, is my list of labels:

Location of contents
  • US (for general US stuff)
  • Urbana (specific to Urbana)
  • Chicago (ditto)
  • MY (for all things Malaysian)
  • CH (for all things Swiss)
  • ROW ("rest of the world")
  • in transit (for vacations / traveling between countries)

General Stuff
  • TV+Movies
  • Books
  • Music
  • Food
  • Fluff (all them quizzes, jokes and fillers)
  • Memes (yes, they are a category by themselves, LoL!)
  • Neat Stuff (educational / neat stuff/links, usu found on the 'net)
  • Blog admin (actually a subset of Navel-gazing below: talking purely about this blog, template, traffic,,, kinda like this post!)

Deeper stuff
  • Point+Laugh : where I ridicule people/things who deserve it :-)
  • Point+Rant : where I go off on people/things that grind my gears ;-)
  • Point+Ponder : where I look (back) at life/childhood/events and ruminate on lessons learned; includes some attempts at philosophizing
  • Soapbox : may overlap with the "point+" series, but includes a much stronger opinion aspect, with the intention of challenging people's biases, attitudes, etc and exhorting change
  • Navel-gazing : where I go into minute details of things that interest me and which probably bore readers to tears, LoL!

Limited Edition / Special Interest : to be added to sparingly
  • Babylon5
  • Meat Loaf
  • LawyersArePigs
  • The Lost Blogs
so that's 20 "main" categories, with 4 "special" tags. relatively manageable.

.... riiiiiiiiiight.... back to "work"!

UPDATE @ 250pm: probably going to change the above even more, LoL! Oh, and in case you were curious, next major project will be to move most, if not all, of my blogroll reads into my GoogleReader.


  1. I figured you were going to add a Meat Loaf tag. Love the navel-gazing tag idea.

  2. HH> yup, I had you in mind when I decided on having Mr Loaf as a Special Interest, see if I get more than the 17 you counted, LoL! And btw, I can't claim that Navel-gazing was my idea: I saw it on someone else's blog and kept it in mind for whenever I bit the bullet and started categorizing for real :-)

  3. love the new look. with 700 over post....huhuhu! loads to do & re-do. love reading your blog. think yr a natural it.


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