Saturday, May 26, 2007

*flash!* a-ah!

At Moomykin's prompt, I've been giving some thought as to what my earliest childhood memory might be.

I don't remember many things, and the few I do remember exist usually as flashes of images, sometimes with the emotions relating to them.

** flash! **
my brother finding a kitten under a tree, naming it Luke Skywalker.

** flash! **
playing with kittens at my cousins' place, totally enamoured by the little things, not realising that by insisting on holding on to them as they struggled to get away, they were peeing and pooping on me, and my cousins saw but didn't say anything, and I felt so stupid and ashamed when my mother discovered me sitting there, clutching the kittens, covered in shit.

** flash! **
playing in the bathtub, taking a bath, with a cousin who was spending the night at our place.

** flash! **
falling and hitting my head against a drain - i remember the *clunk* of head vs concrete, and the circumstances leading up to the fall, but nothing afterwards.

** flash! **
drinking my father's beer, and liking it, so I partook of this drink often, to the consternation of both my parents [no idea how they "cured" me of this taste, but maybe that's why I don't like beer now?]

** flash! **

Any more? Hmmmm.... none that come to me at this time.

How old was I during the above scenes? Less than 5 years old is the best i can say.

How about you? What's your earliest memory?


  1. Standing up while riding with my Papa on his Lambreta (an older version of Vespa).

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Well there's one memory that stands out above the rest, the night when my father kicked me out of the house for snitching a few bills from his wallet. I was I think, 10 or 11 at the time... hehehe

  3. Noor> ah, the good old days of not being too safety-conscious, LoL! But I bet the feel of wind through your hair was great, kinda like the "I'm flying" scene from titanic? How old were you at the time?

    SG> yikes! In my case, my clearest memory of childhood is of something that happened in my family's past, that probably signaled the end of a happy life for either parent...

  4. Hi Lynne! It's been ages since I commented, and I am so sorry. I am really liking your new layout. It seems so pro, if you know what I mean. I dig that "click me, baby" buttons. *lol* So cool!

    As for your memories. I can just picture you covered in wee and shite. Hehe, made me laugh. It is a bit cute though, I have to say.

    Hmm, my first memory. I wasn't very young I guess. I'd say it would be the day my brother was born. I was 5,5 years, and I was standing beside the trash outside telling my best friend Eva (still one of my best fiends) that I had gotten a baby brother. I was ever so proud!

    Hugs - Eilen

  5. I like the kitty stories.

    Hmmm... my earliest memory is of me waiting in the hospital for my two-years younger brother to be born.

  6. I think mine must have been under 3. A little embarrassing to say, but my earliest memory was of my mom putting on a diaper on for me. I was lying on the bed and staring up at the naked bulb hanging from the ceiling of our rented flat. But I have lots from under 4 yrs old. :)


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