Monday, June 30, 2008

The ABCs of Me Myself and I

Karl seems to be my source for memes nowadays :) Here's the second in as many weeks (with a third in the works!). It's not like I have nothing to post... I just end up using the path of least resistance :) bluetoothing images of the crazy cat hiding under a blanket or perched on the commode to the computer is such a bother *rolls eye* lmao :) :)

Here goes:

Accent: I don't know what "accent" you'd say I have. I speak differently than everyone else. In Malaysia I sound foreign. In the US I also sound foreign. So long I can be understood, I'll be happy with that. Because here in Chicago? I could barely communicate with a library staff that the copier room was locked: finally she understood it "Oh, the Kaaaaaa-pee-yer!" Then in Malaysia, I'm accused of being "too American", "please lose the slang/twang", "don't show off lah". Can't win.

Breakfast or No Breakfast: I can go without breakfast, no problem. But since I am trying to eat healthier, and that means 6 small balanced meals spread throughout the day, I've been making it a point to have *something* in the mornings. It could just be a glass of fiber with another glass of water as chaser. Or a zone bar, or two. Or my cottage cheese & cereal combo.

Chore I don’t care for: Cleaning in general. The apartment tends to get properly cleaned only when visitors are expected. Otherwise I'll swiffer it every once in a while and that's that :)

Dog or Cat: Used to have dogs growing up, and they are fun and all, desperate for your attention, pretty much delirious for any bit of attention you give them,,, but I prefer cats. I like their self-reliance. When a cat deigns to give you its attention, or *gasp!* wants to sit on your lap - it's a compliment that certainly makes me feel special :)

Essential Electronics: my 'puter. to a much lesser extent, my Sony Ericsson P800, and the tv. I'm no longer a slave to these things :)

Favorite Cologne: No longer too much into them, but my first love was Calvin Klein's Eternity For Men (yes, FOR MEN!! so sue me!!). Recently, I got a hold of the "summer" version of this scent - pretty nice, I spray that stuff on me once in a while.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Like Karl, I think (yellow) gold is tacky. White gold is fine. I think the "white" metals fit me better, anyway.

Handbag I carry most often: I don't use a handbag / purse. I do have a leather knapsack-style bag for essentials (which I need to whine about - maybe in one of my next few posts).

Insomnia: rarely.

Job Title: Jobless Bum and Wannabe Writer.

Kids: Not even a twinkle in Kosh's of my eyes yet (despite speculation to the contrary by certain parties, *ahem!*)

Living Arrangements: 1-br apartment in Chicago - for one more month, at least. Ah, uncertainty, so away!

Most Admirable Trait: Heh. The ability to see the trees *and* the forest? That was in my past life in the corporate world anyway, kinda out of practice now.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Hmmm.... using a (white) candle (i.e. wax) to "write" on the walls, since I'd been forbidden to mark the walls with crayons/pens/pencils. I don't remember if I got found out. I only remember doing it once, dragging the candle at my waist level as I walked down the hallway.... I was maybe 7 years old?

Overnight hospital stays: Hospitalised almost a week due to Hepatitis A.

Phobias: Ummm, I have concerns, but nothing of "phobia" level, as far as I know...

Quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Reason to smile: Me - where I am now, compared to where I was - physically, spiritually, mentally, family...

Siblings: one older brother

Time I wake up: it really varies, recently I've been driving Kosh to work (be there by 6am) so it's been early. But starting tomorrow, well, I suppose I'll say between 8am & 12 noon :p

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can list one eyebrow. The right one. Just that one eyebrow tho. I'd also like to think I am above average at Boggle (or Scramble as it's known in facebook)

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Brussel Sprouts. dis.gus.ting!

Worst Habit: nail-biting. self-flagellation.

X-rays: I've had a few taken, yeah. mainly for proof of no TB: US visa requirements!

Yummy Stuff: Ben&Jerry's Dublin Mudslide! Nasi lemak with loads of sambal!! A gook "kau kau" teh tarik!!!

Zoo Animal I Like Most: When was the last time I've *been* to the zoo???? Elephants, perhaps?

Okay, there you have it ... steal at will :)

btw - if you're that kind of anal, here are my responses to a similar A-Z meme back in March 2006 :)


  1. I stole this meme! It's been a long time since I did a meme, so I decided it was way past time I did one again lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dawn> steal away - kinda full circle tho, 'cos the first version of this was a tag from you :)


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