Friday, June 20, 2008

flustered friday?!

So I'm doing my rounds today in the blogosphere, and wonder if there's a theme going on I wasn't aware of... I mean, Karl's talking about a Pleasure Party he attended, then I see Eilen's sharing about sex and orgasms, followed by a visit to Ms Sizzle who's talking about her sub-par visit to the gyne..

... but there's a bonus!! Thanks to Ms Sizzle, I've added a new word to my vocab. As you may know, my sis-in-law gave birth recently in Malaysia to a bouncing baby girl. Seeing as it's her first, she's staying at my parents' who are certianly not equipped to care for a newborn, and there's also loads of customs/superstitions that Malays subscribe to relating to the post-partum period, a "bidan" was hired full time and is being kept busy looking after the baby (baths, clothes washing, feeding advice) and the mother (flower baths, massages, stomach wrapping, hot stone, special food, etc.). I was trying to describe this function, and all Kosh could come up with was "Nanny?", ummm, no, not quite... And Ms Sizzle has solved the problem for me. The (North American?) equivalent to bidan is DOULA.

And on that note... have a good Friday, and a good weekend!

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  1. I'm glad my subpar doc visit was able to enlighten someone! ;)


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