Saturday, June 14, 2008


... getting tried by a jury of your peers ... you'd want these so-called peers to be giving your case their utmost attention, yes? Unfortunately, cases are never as direct and to-the-point as what we see in those Law&Order episodes... we all know this, right? And if you've ever seen "12 Angry Men" it's a little scary how personal issues of one or two jurors can sway everyone one way or another... but at least in this case most of them seemed to have been paying attention to what had unfolded in the courtroom (I'm not sure, because I only saw the remake, and it was so boring I ended up only half-listening to it while I read or something LOL)...

... and then u have this happening ...

Sudoku addicts halt drugs trial

SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian drugs trial lasting more than three months and costing taxpayers over A$1 million ($947,000) has been aborted after a number of jurors were found to have spent up to half the time playing Sudoku puzzles.

(full Yahoo!News article here)

I. just. can't. even. begin. to describe. the. incredulity. I feel.

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