Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what the...

"tufted" mohawk ...

... all other parts of head shaved ...

... ... except for the tail end of a mullet at the back of the head ...

I just *HAD* to take this fellow commuter's pic last week...

crikey, glad I never got that bad in my attention-seeking days...


  1. Ha ha ha! He looks so harmless! :)

  2. LOL!

    We tend to see people like that all the time in Downtown Vancouver.

    I think it's becoming a new trend :P

  3. kim> that's true... good point! It's all a front, a fashion statement perhaps, but not an indication of his actual personality :)

    Dawn> really? crikey!! On one hand, I salute people who want to / are "brave" enough to stand out like a sore thumb... but on the other hand... duuuude.... who's the show for?? Look inwards, no need to impress outwards... :p


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