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durian-flavoured members...

Recently on Facebook I was invited to add the "Makan-Makan" application: literally translated as "eat-eat" it's Malay/sian for food, eating out, food glorious food. While I salivated at the sight of a scrumptious nasi lemak, I was tickled pick to see one of the items you could send to others is a durian.

Now, the durian, as you may or may not know, is deemed the King of Fruits,, and rightly so! After all, a fruit that stinks to high heaven yet tastes so heavenly deserves the highest honors and worship :)


.. in its raw form, it's the best.

Many people like to take the flesh and mix it in with santan (coconut milk) and rice, but I find that just waaay too rich and filling, detracting and distracting from the "purity" of the durian itself. Ditto for dodol, never been a fan of the stuff.

I remember back in my high school days, a nearby McDonald's introduced a durian shake. Tried it once. Once. That was enuf.

I remember converging onto a durian stall in... Batu Gajah? ... with my fellow work colleagues... we had a 2-day convention starting the next day, we'd all gone out for dinner, it was durian season... and I remember my colleagues were impressed at how much I enjoyed the fruit ... at that time I was also on a detox regiment which included drinking a tea that would move your bowels about 8 hours later... I didn't think about how it and the durian would react... wow... the next morning I *soooooooooo* had to go, I musta spent 20 mins on the throne, stinking out the entire bathroom: can u imagine a poop & durian combo "fragrance"?? yikes!!! But lemmie tell ya, I felt SO GOOD after that movement :D

Ummm okayyy... moving on...

Recently, Kosh and I explored a relatively new commercial neighbourhood: the Chinese restaurant we ate at had "Durian Fruit Freeze" on its menu... I had to try it... and OMG it's like liquid durian!! Heavenly!!! Of course you wanted to stay upwind of any of my belches that night, because oooo-eeeee naaaaasty!! :D :D :D

but this... this takes the cake... (compliments to Kenny Sia for the photo)

yes, that's a condom with durian fragrance (and I assume, flavour)

... be afraid.... be VERY VERY afraid...!!!


  1. been stumbling upon durian postings this week! yours is the latest by far. come by my blog and drop your 2 sen if you like.

  2. hmmm...yummy stuff..cannot b afraid hehhehee

  3. Fesh is best, I agree. but I sometimes still fancy a dodol or two...

    And I remember the "dodoi" and "dodol" debate you had with your mum that one Raya we were at your place. :D

    Btw, It seems that the Taiwanese love everything durian, durian mooncakes, durian biscuits, etc. Freaky.

  4. OH???

    Where can I find the Durian Freeze?

    Please pray tell!!

    Sounds heavenly.

  5. Danyanova> if you're in chicago, head to Joy Yee's : the one I went to was in a new development at Halstead & 13th St, tho there are a few branches all around. :)

    Chewbies> hey nice to see ya here. I'm very curious about that frozen durian product u had on yr blog.. wonder if i'd find it in the asian mart here...

  6. hey lynne... where are you at? the frozen durian are widely available in the asian stores in austin and dallas. about $5 each.

    feel free to drop by my blog and comment, you guys! woooot!

  7. yea in chicago... i've not really needed to find an "asian store" since the local thai food places work well enough to alleviate any pangs for Malaysian/spicy food.. but durian.. mmMMmmMmmm.... kalaukat Malaysia I won't go out of my way for it, but kalau diajak, got the fruit infront of me, watch out!!! People are always surprise that this melayu celup can handle durian better than many "pure" locals muahahahaaa!

  8. aiks... melayu celup ke? kekekeke. funny lar you. i know what you mean. the malaysian/ asian food can never beat what we have back home.
    my first time having panda express pun i was bitching about it like mad.
    but we'll get use to it.
    food back home is a novelty now, kan?


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