Tuesday, June 03, 2008


No thanks to the whole tabula rasa phone mishap, I realise I'm almost back to square one in terms of documenting the pottery pieces I've created since the start of 2008...

One small step forward: today I made a new small album of pix to document how I'm getting rid of the last of my clays ... click here to view the album. Only 4 pix so far, more to come as the pieces get finished :-)

Ciao :)

p/s: here's the fate of my pieces - most of them ending up in "piles of pot" LoL :-) We're running out of kitchen counter space :D :D :D


  1. They are lovely!

    Well, if you think you need more space, you can already start putting some aside for Christmas presents!! :D

  2. neome> thanks :)

    kin> hehe good idea, except that I don't know if they are "giveaway-able"... both in terms of me not willing to part with them *and* my not being confident that they are nice enuf for presents.. :p


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