Sunday, June 29, 2008

cry-worthy tomes

If you've been reading me long enough, you know I consume loads of books. Sometimes I really really really get into a book or series, or author. Rarely does a book move me to tears, though. As much as I can get caught up in the tale, as much as I may occasionally relate all too well with one character or another, with the whole situation, all that jazz, I don't usually cry.

There are, of course, exceptions, that prove the rule:

I do remember blinking back tears reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I think it was stuff around the burial scene that did it). Okay so if I hadn't been in LAX - or was it on the plane somewhere between LAX and KUL? - I probably would have bawled my eyes out :p

And I quote myself from here when writing about the final (haha) book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series: "I actually stopped reading about halfway thru – FORCED myself to stop, in fact, ... because I was starting to cry my eyes out at what was happening to the characters."

Heck I'm pretty sure I cried at Black Beauty and The Outsiders too, now that I think about it :-)

There might be one or two more ... :)

... but a book that totally moved me, to the point that just thinking about the book tugs at my heart and chokes up my throat, is that of people of a land banished from existence, whose name had been deleted, no one outside the area even remembered that it once had a name, while those few remaining who were born/alive prior to the "deletion" were unable to utter its name... and how a small band of such folk strove to reverse the curse, so that TIGANA could once more be said, be remembered, be honored.
Tigana (Roc S.)
If you read only one Guy Gavriel Kay book in your life, please read this one

You can come back and tell me if you liked it or not.
I have a feeling you'll be deeply affected by it.
As was I.

YsabelAs I am being affected again, now, by Ysabel. I'm only halfway through it, although I only started reading it this evening, and I'll probably be done with it before sleeping tonight (read; I won't sleep till I'm done reading!). I'm not moved to tears, it's not that kind of tale, but I am totally hooked by all that I've read in the 230pgs I've consumed so far. A juxtaposition of our modern world with that of ancient Celts and Romans, and the playing out of 2500 year old love triangle of sorts. I'm rooting for a modern resolution to this recurring pattern. We'll see....

... so ... do *you* have any tear-worthy or otherwise extremely impactful tomes to recommend? I'd love to hear about 'em whether via comments or as a full post in yr own blog (with a comment here pointing me there lah, of course) :)

(p/s this is my first try at blogger's scheduled publishing thingamajig - writing this at 10:20pm but will set it to publish at 12:05mn)

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