Sunday, June 22, 2008

message for those using RSS to read me

.. you're gonna be seeing a whole lot of old posts getting republished ... I'm moving as many of my old images from flickr to the picasa web albums linked to google. Sorry about that! I've reached Feb 2006... another 2+ years to go... ugh!!

(note to self - continue from here)


  1. LOL!

    Just recently, I moved all my photos in my Photobucket album, so all the links were broken.

    I didn't bother to republish them though, it would have taken WEEKS! Strange that I found photos in my Photobucket from like 4 years ago. Scary!

  2. dawn> I'd noticed that in some of my old posts, the photos weren't showing up, just a small square box that if clicked would bring the clicker to the relevant flickr page. Very irritating. So I decided it was high time to move everything over to one place... especially considering I'd maxed out the 200 images allowed free on flickr.

    It's a long long process, but I seem to have developed a system of sorts that helps make the process more efficient.


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