Thursday, May 15, 2008

R.I.P., my SE P800

"The internal file system was found to be corrupted and will now be reformatted"


... a message one does NOT want to see on their phone screen ... especially when one hasn't backed up the phone in years ... and the backups are in Malaysia anyway ...


... so Veya, Rail, and anyone else who has sms'ed me in the last few months ... don't bother until/unless you get a sign of life from me first, ok?

and ... if I do miraculously somehow resurrect the phone (and that's a big if!), it'll be like having a brand new phone, tabula rasa, no information in it ...

... what with the Sony Ericsson P800 being a phone-w/-PDA-functions, I had LOADS of names & numbers & emails & addresses in there, although honestly most of them were "dormant", my ex-colleagues, but still... and the few who do really matter? I wont have their info anymore ... hey, the modern age has got me very lazy number-wise ... when I was in high school, I had every friend's number memorised, now I just have a vague idea of which carrier they are using.

and so, if I want to get another phone, here in the U.S., for my maxis sim card, I need to get an "unlocked" phone that's not limited to one carrier's service (yes, they do that here - how awful!) - dunno how easily available that is, and whether it's worth it... maybe this is The Universe telling me to just get myself a U.S. mobile line already... ?

But that doesn't fix the issue of getting access to my Malaysian mobile line ...


oh, what a fun start to the day....

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