Monday, May 19, 2008

tabula rasa

The first time my phone died and needed to be resurrected, it was September 2004. Funnily enough, it was my last month of work, and I scrambled to re-input everyone's names & numbers so that I could still keep in touch via phone once I left. I was actually rather amused at the timing, as if The Universe was allowing me to leave with a blank slate, if I chose to.

Another blank slate happened in early 2005, when my external drive got eaten by Kosh's cranky Mac. All was fine, but then I forgot to deactivate/unplug/eject it before putting the 'puter to sleep,,, and somehow that messed with the drive such that all data was lost. And what data was there? Only all the stuff form work that I'd wanted to save, things I'd produced, the archive of emails, all sorts of stuff... all gone... oh well... all the better to start fresh with, eh?

And recently, it happened again. My phone decided to get its internal files corrupted somehow. It still works, but everything I had was wiped out. No more "Handy Day" program to manually close open applications. No more photos of pottery I'd snapped but had not yet bluetoothed with the computer. And most especially, no more phone numbers of anyone.

Tabula rasa, once again.


  1. Ugh. I hate it when that happens. IS there even any way to back up info from a phone?

  2. Kim> sure, I expect most phones to now have connectivity to a PC for back-up/sync purposes. Use to be it was just high-end or PDA-phones, but nowadays what with all the data capability of most phones, I would imagine most of them should come with some sort of back-up program...


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