Sunday, March 26, 2006


My meme/tags so far:
1. i've self-tagged myself a few times here and here
2. my first "real" tag was here courtesy of Burgwaki
3. then SG tagged me here and here
4. my SOL pseudo-tagged me here
5. then recetly it was maverick here

... and now Dawn's the latest tagger :-) Interesting one - seems to be a mish-mash of random stuff, which collectively helps paint a pic of who your are.

Here goes:
Accent: I pick up accents easily, tho my "basic" Malaysian "accent" will always be there. I was told it's not that my pronunciation is different, it's my enunciation. Yeah, whatevah :p In the U.S. they know I'm a non-American-native; in Malaysia they say I now sound American. So how did I sound "before"? Errr, dunnolah, but always had some sort of accent lah. Thanx, that's helpful! :p Whateverlah, I sound like me lah :p

Booze of Choice: LIIT! or currently VK-T :-D the main thing is NO BEER!!

Chore I hate: I used to *hate* washing dishes, now I can deal with them, so long I don't feel like I'm being FORCED to do 'em... I *don't* appreciate people like one of my parental units who seems to be taking advantage of my being here to just leave dishes in the sink for me to wash, while if I wasn't here it would wash them itself because the other parental unit would bising otherwise.

Dog or Cat: grew up with dogs, but overall I think cats are a step above :-) but if it's possible to have both, I'd probably opt for both :D

Essential Electronics: broadband internet access!! accessed via a PC. and to a lesser extent - a handphone, with PDA functions like my beloved Nokia 9100 or my current crummy Sony Ericsson P800.

Favorite Perfume: my "first love" perfume-wise was CK's Eternity for Men. Later, I liked L'Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake. Yea, I'm one of those who hates women's perfumes - too flowery lah... I like musky / woody odors.

Gold or Silver: Silver, definitely silver. Or white gold. Or platinum. Any of the "white" metals.

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Insomnia: Rarely. Unless I didn't do much during the day, so I maybe hadn't properly drained my energy or anything, and would be in kinda of a limbo. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping in a strange/new room (i.e. visiting folks).

Job Title: like the blog sez: A Jobless Bum & lovin' it!

Kids: none. probably later. we'll see :p

Living Arrangments: currently staying @ parents but trying to reduce exposure to them as much as possible :p

Most Admired Trait: ... of myself? Hmmmm.... being able to do the right thing even if it's not the easy thing...

# of Sexual Partners: a few; nuff said :p

Overnight Hospital stays: stayed a few days & nights due to Hepatitis A (i think - the once-off one, usually "caught" from contaminated food).

Phobia: Nothing comes to mind: I used to not be able to stand the sight of blood, and I still get queasy... but I wouldn't call it a phobia....

Quote: ... tough one ... i collected a lot from all over, and selected a different one every few weeks as my "signature" at work... then started including song lyrics too ... but right now I can't really remember anything off-hand. So here's one from Meat Loaf: "... don't worry about the future: sooner or later it's the past ... "

Religion: officially Islam, tho my upbringing and my observation of "Islam as she is practiced" have made me wary of all forms of organised institutionalised religion. I'd classify myself as spiritual.

Siblings: one older brother (2 years older)

Time I wake up:Since I've been back in Malaysia, I suppose I've been waking up at 8am at the latest. Really depends on when I hit the hay loh!

Unusual Skill: I can raise just my right eyebrow. Can't do the left tho.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: tomatoes - kinda overdosed on 'em when younger, I guess... I'll eat em if i have to, but i usually just pick em off my salad or whatever. I also avoid tomato-based pasta sauces (which is bad since the "other" usual pasta sauce is the creamy rich alfredo-type sauce, heehehehe)

Worst Habit: ugh, so many to shoose from, LOL! I think my nail-biting is still the worst. Tho my tendency to totally clam up and be unable to properly communicate what is pissing me off / upsetting me is also way up there :p

Xrays:I've had a few taken of my chest, for normal physical check-ups over the years. Had one or two done on my foot when I'd broken (well, cracked) one of the metatarsals. Had an MRI or something like that done on my head when pinpointing that stone in my salivary duct. Also had x-ray of my teeth when going to get the wisdoms out.

Yummy Food I Can Make: if you mean "from scratch", errr, nuffin I guess :p but if it's a matter of throwing some pieces of a dead animal into a pan, smothering it with sauce from a bottle, then surrounding it with some veggies, then well, I suppose I can do that easily and yummily enough, LOL!

Moment of Zen: I'll consider this as my "a-ha! moment" : reading Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and the first chapter about being proactive covering stuff about the victim mentality, using active vs passive sentence structure, essentially using the power of language to change how you see the world, acknowledging one's sphere of concern vs sphere of influence ... it all struck such a chord in me...

And the tagging ... hmmm.... how about my usual "if you like this, go ahead and tag yourself, then drop me a line in the comments once you've posted your answers"? :p


  1. I love alfredo sauce on my pasta.... but olive oil and pesto would do nicely. :-)

  2. Lol, I had SO much fun reading your answers to this meme. And I LOVED the Quote you used too from the Meatloaf song.

    Thanks for filling it in :-)

  3. SG> if i'm gonna be *bad* and have pasta i might as well be bad all the way and get the alredo sauce :D heehehe but yeah, pesto is fine too - i just tend to "forget" about it cos I never had it / knew about it till *after* my college years, believe it or not...

    dawn>thank *you* for the tag :-) i had fun filling it in :-)


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