Thursday, March 09, 2006

Raspberry cocktails, indeed!

Yeah, so it was Charlie’s Angels (or rather, Charlie’s Old-Girls) hitting the establishments on Jalan P Ramlee between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Pinang this past Wednesday evening.

No thanx to the heavy rain (and the hungry baby of the group), our night out was delayed by about an hour.

8pm, started at UNO: I was amazed that the ladies’ drink for the night was Long Island Ice Teas! Small glasses, of course, but taste-wise, I’ve had a lot worse… was gonna be happy to hang out there for a few… until I tried to get a second round,,, only to be told “Sorry; only one free drink per lady”. Wow. Times must be bad… cos I really doubt they were cutting us off because they remember Baby Angel and me (supposedly) finished their bottle of VK last year! *big evil grin!*

On the way to UNO, bumped into a friend of Baby Angel’s who recommended we head to RUM JUNGLE, it seemed they were serving great raspberry cocktails. We took note of that, and figured we’d end up there after hitting the establishments further down the road first.

Okay, so after UNO, headed to BEACH CLUB, only to find out that their free drinks night is now Thursdays. Oh well, too bad. It was there, in November 2003, that we got dubbed the Charlie’s Angels!

Crossed the road to the THAI place. Rail & Baby Angel got R&C’s, I got myself a VK-T. Mine was relatively okay lah… theirs taste like dunno what only... I suppose it’s majorly cheap rum they used… for me, I suppose all they do is water it down… wasn’t feeling anything, but at least it wasn’t nasty-tasting. Enjoyed the music, despite it being a bit on the loud side. Had another VK-T. Since the drinks weren’t outstanding, decided to head over RUM JUNGLE to get those raspberry cocktails.

Cocktails, my foot!

If there was ANY octane in it, musta been one lousy shot mixed into an entire bottle of ... can you guess?? ... what “mixer” they used?? Guess!!!


Seriously, that friend of baby Angel should be shot! Raspberry cocktails, indeed!

But the music was decent, so was the live band. From Africa. Had Kilimanjaro in their name. Their version of Hotel Cah-lee-for-niah (as opposed to cahllerfornia in the original) was definitely different.

Also treated to freeshows:
    One was upstairs to my left, where there were a bunch of girls who musta been really high, or REALLy into the music… can we say prancing around like headless chickens??

    The other was the show provided by a group of people in a semi-private area, elevated, in front of us. There was this old Mat Salleh with a belly hanging 6 inches below his belt, dancing with one of two girls on his arms… at one point this girl was dancing face-to-face with him when another guy joined, essentially “spooning” her, but man oh man, it looked like a major threesome! The three of us were laughing out loud, tak boleh tahan!

In the end, the two split a jug of beer, because they really didn’t want to continue with that cruddy ribena! Me, I shelled out RM18 for a VK-T, only to get a drink that tasted the same as the free one at the THAI place. Bleh.

Nvm, I was driving them back anyways. Good also lah I didn’t feel anything.

Sent everyone back with no problem, I reached home just around midnight.

Was a bit too tired to sleep (if you know what I mean) so hung out online for a bit, finally hitting the hay around 130am.

Needless to say, I didn’t hit the gym this morning. NOT hungover. Just plain tired. Bleh. And tomorrow looks like I have “dates” starting at 1030am till past 5pm, so unless I hit the gym at 7am I’m not gonna have time to cool down, shower, get a ride to the LRT and get to KLCC on time. Double bleh.

One resolution made last night: we have to revisit our first session, in Oct 2003, where we flunked out in the first round of an out-of-state tennis tournament then spent the rest of the night in revelry. Maaaan, those were good times…. Might be able to do that (sans tennis, LOL) in a weekend or two – something to look forward to

*huge evil grin!*


  1. Hey lynne, it looks like you're having a helluva time in KL. :D

  2. SG> heeheheh, it just *looks* that way... most of the time i'm just surfin/blogging, or kakuro-ing.

  3. g*ddammit, wrong link, LOL! I meant to link THIS site!


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