Thursday, March 16, 2006

Friggin Blogger!

Yea, earlier it was friggin dial-up (and indirectly: blogrollling)

Now - it's definitely friggin Blogger!

Of the links in my sidebar, the only ones I've managed to load so far are Jeff Ooi, Kenny Sia and TNChick. All you others... sorry, I *did* plan on visiting, but looks like most of you are on blogspot, and for some reason, I can't get to your pages! Which is kinda weird, cos i can access my own page without problems!

Not gonna bother with any other visits at the moment. No use driving my blood upstairs, eh?

But hey, today is a free day (tho I *do* have things to do like, oh MAJORLY TINKER WITH MY RESUME, teehehehe!), so I may park my butt at a Star*ucks/CBTL** and surf from there. So even if blogger is still down by then, I can at least find out faster, LOL!

** I'm not confident that ALL Coffee Beans are now (free)-wifi-equipped, so I dunno if I wanna risk heading to let's say the one opposite PJ Hilton, hunt for parking etc, only to find out they've not been "upgraded" yet or something... I wish the CBTL website had information on this... sigh....


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