Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm #1?

Kinda cool, someone(s) searched for Life after Work via, and this site was #1 of the search results!

On the other hand, it took me to the 5th page to find myself on Google when I searched for "Life After Work" (#59 of 52,300).


  1. I am No 1 on Google for Ah OK Lah. Unfortunately no body searches for it. ;-)

  2. that's cool. you get a higher spot if your name is unique. because it's general, "life after work" has to compete with other sites with similar names. i face the same issue too.

  3. Oreos> i tried to google Jobless Bum and this blog was on the first page, whoohooo! #9 out of 76200 :D

    Adam> awww.. but hey, if ever someone DOES seaarch for you, they'll easily find u! :)

  4. Well, congratulations! Contrast that with my adventures in Googleland. Entering the word "UtopianRealities" got only 11 results, and I wasn't on any of them. Which reminds me of a Google game: put a search term that brings back only ONE result. Think it's easy? Go ahead and try it.

  5. Joe> hmmm, i imagine you'd have to put in a very specific (and obscure?) phrase(s), within quotation marks? I'll try it out one day :-)


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