Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey, leggo my blego!

B*L*E*G*O: blog ego

Noticed this article when doing my occasional hop into Technorati. Was pointed to a few blego-related sites... so what more, I tried out lah...

talkdigger seemed to yield most of my own posts, instead of finding links to them on others' sites. bleh.

For comparison, I ran Samantha Burns (10,182), Michelle Malkin (5,152) and Jeff Ooi (9,233) too.

From bloginfluence, the results were not satisfying: there were errors reported for Technorati blog & post links and additional points were given for links via their own Bloglines subscribers. I'm at a measly 614.6 while Samantha Burns is 212,960; Michelle Malkin is 1,086,300; and Jeff Ooi is at 22,429.

It's so obvious that the results are meaningless, since they don't come up with consistent results. After all, each have their own formula, desgined with their own biases, and therefore spitting out vastly differnt results.

But there's *some* level of consistency, I must point out: after all, did you notice I'm consistently the lowest of the four? Haaahahahahahaaa!


  1. NOTE: i just realised, I'm NOT consistently the last of the four sites I plugged in! :p

  2. I egosurfed for churning and got a measly 930 score. WTF?


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