Thursday, March 16, 2006

sometimes I wonder...

... how on earth I turned out the way I did.

Okay, it's a small thing, but still... funny how some things trigger some thoughts...

So today, my parents and I were at a little cafe thingy, having lunch. When we were ready to go, we all stood up: they both just walked off, chairs sticking out around the table; I, on the other hand, had automatically pushed my chair back in before walking off.

I was puzzled: where did I pick that trait up, if not from them?

... after all, I feel like "I've always done that" ...

... and if that's the case, wouldn't it have been developed while I was young(er)?

... were they "positive hypocrites" who put on a good example which was then dropped when the kids left the nest? Or did they truly practice it before, then just couldn't be bothered in their older age (slight difference from the sentence before)? Or have they always (not) done it, and I only recently noticed? Which would mean I only developed this habit much later in life.

Why the big deal, you ask? After all, I know many (most?) people don't bother to push their chairs back in when they leave the table, right?

It's just me and my outlook on life, the universe, and everything, I suppose.... I just don't like to see people leaving their chairs away from tables: it's messy; it's inconsiderate; I feel as if these people are saying "the staff are being paid to straighten up once we leave, why bother doing their job for them?"
So tell me this, Mr and Mrs "it's not my job": at home, do you push your chair back to the table when you get up?

If yes: then why don't you just go ahead and continue that habit outside? It won't hurt you one iota, and you're doing a small good deed to the waitstaff of the restaurant or wherever. Even if it goes unnoticed, it *is* a good deed.

If no: okayyyy, so who DOES push it back in? or is your place all messy and not having a neat dining area just a vague memory? or... do you have a maid whom you expect to do everything for you, including straightning up after you?

Is it just me and my unusual perspective on life that has me linking small nice deeds like this with: being humble, showing respect for other people, and in general just being a nice person?

Also: I dunno about you, but i don't like having to "slalom" past all these chairs when getting to/from my own table, so I push my chair back to the table because I don't want to contribute to the "problem".

Maybe it's just not important enough to others?

Maybe they are not even *aware* of dinky little chairs when their minds are on their full tummies, the tv program they want to rush home to see, the important meeting they need to psych themselves up for the next day, the sex they are going to have when they get back cos it's "their night", etc etc etc??


p/s: in a related vein: have you heard the "why should I do someone else's job" line get twisted to justify behaviour known to be bad? Here's what I mean: i just couldn't believe my ears when someone I knew justified littering by saying "If I don't litter, those poor DBKL street sweepers will be out of a job! I've got to help them maah!" Errrr, yeah. Uh-huh. ... some people just blow my mind...


  1. Heya Lynne,

    Yeah I sorta went through some blog changes and got syndicated etc... Now I 'm supposed to write things for real ack.... Iguess that means no more silly stuff :-(.

    Good to hear from you again. I'll be around much more often now :-)

    Thanks for stopping by...


  2. Maybe you're just one hell of a nice person? :D

  3. Athene!! welcome back!! *hugz*

    SG> maayyyyyyyyyybe *grin!*

  4. Hell yes, it's inconsiderate. I always push my chair in when I leave the table. I don't want to block the path.

    Other things I do:
    Hold the elevator door when someone's coming.
    Walk on the right side of the sidewalk, instead of the middle where people couldn't pass.
    Always leave a tip - at dinner, at the valet, in a cab.


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