Thursday, March 16, 2006

Vrrrom vroooom vrrooooommmm!

did you know that the "original" words to Paul McCartney's "Yesterday" were actually "scrambled eggs"?

Scramble according to scramble (verb) 1 move or make one’s way quickly and awkwardly, typically by using one’s hands as well as one’s feet. 2 make or become jumbled or muddled. 3 make (a broadcast transmission or telephone conversation) unintelligible unless received by an appropriate decoding device. 4 cook (beaten eggs with a little liquid) in a pan. 5 (with reference to fighter aircraft) take off or cause to take off immediately in an emergency or for action. 6 informal act in a hurried, disorderly, or undignified manner: firms scrambled to win contracts.

Scramble according to Kosh: getting an internship place after graduation, cos the computer didn't match him to anything he'd ranked.

Am glad to report that in the end, he's secured a first year general surgery internship in a Chicago hospital.

(Not really where I'd have wanted to end up, but hey, the important thing is that he's actually *got* a place now, phew!!)

So, while doing that 1 year, he'll need to either schmooze his way into that hospital's ENT program, or apply to other hospitals/schools for a second year intake for ENT.

So, yay, there's still another year of uncertainty wrt where we'd actually be "settling down", i.e. Chicagoland, or AnywhereElse USA :p

No real biggie.

"i will follow him" maaaaaaaah!


  1. this made me recall that old fifties music 'I Will Follow Him'. Remember the theme song from 'Sister Act'? :-)

  2. SG> lol, that was precisely what i was referring to (the song lah, rather than "the song in the movie" : then again, same diff :p )


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