Sunday, March 12, 2006

Star*ucks Sunday!

Typing this at Star*ucks.

Yes, that means I am sipping their crappy skinny ice vanilla latte (Coffee Bean's is *so* much better!!), taking advantage of their free wireless network.

Free doesn't mean anonymous, however.

Can't sign in as "guest" anymore: had to actually sign up for a (free) account (which involved providing I/C #, address, bleeaaahhhh!) to get my own ID & password, then only can sign-in.

I suppose there have been cases of abuse? Virus uploads? Porn downloads? P2P sharing? Since I'm no longer doing any of those (heehehe, never did *alllll* of those), I suppose it's not really a big deal to me. After all, when I *did* do some of the above before, I was using the Maxis wireless service at Coffee Bean, which required regisration (and payment!), so if powers that be were keeping track they'd know where I was surfing to and what I was downloading.

And now, I lead such a boring life: checking mail, reading blogs, and writing my own blog articles. Wanna track my online activities? Nothing exciting lah - the "trackers" sure fall asleep only watching my actions, LOL!

Tho now that I am experiencing the joys of non-dialup again, and since I have loads of time on my hands, I might start playing Euchre, Spades, Canasta & Gin again on Yahoo!Games. Muuaaahahaahahahahahahaaa! Watch out, monkeys, I might be baaaaaaaack!

In other news:

Today wasn't nearly as hectic or stressful as the last few days have been.

The plan was to meet 3 other gals for a mini-reunion. One couldn't make it, the rest of us went ahead (well, I didn't tell the others till we three were there, LOL! I didn't want to cancel, figured we can always do another meet-up all 4 of us. ), and spent pretty much the next four hours talking nineteen-to-the-dozen catching up on old times. Whaddaya expect, apart from maybe one or two occasions, haven'e really met/talked to either of them since finishing school!!

Ah, our school times, and after-school: riding (driving?) the bumper cars at Ampang Park. Going roller-skating at that *very dodgy* Sun Complex in the Bukit Bintang area. Girl Guides campfires. Silly teachers. Lost friends.

And of course, catching up on "new times" too: with one married, one engaged, & one "having a sweetie", had to trade stories about how we met our significant others, etc etc etc.

So, next time we meet, this time hopefully all FOUR of us, I'm guessing it will be #4 having to update "Deer" and "Venus" on what's been happening to HER. Well, some of it will be easy to see lah, cos she'll have hubby and kid#1 in tow, plus kid#2 "in process" (yeah, she preggers, whoohooo!).

And... job-wise:
have an assignment for a magazine article: need to submit the proposed interview questions tomorrow. Have I started work on them yet? NOPE! heehehehe! so guess who's gonna be burning the midnight oil tonight?

Also, had to turn down a promising event management type job opportunity, cos the organiser urgently needed someone on a full-time basis. No way I could commit to full-time, and I didn't want to stress myself out lah. But I did think of someone else who would be suitable for the job, and i will be matching them up tomorrow. If that works out, will I have the grounds to "claim" her "first paycheck makan-makan treat"? Heeeheheheheee! :D

It occurred to me to look for some opportunities in market research type companies: after all, i bet they get their info from interviews conducted by a team of part-time/temporary staff who either do phone interviews, or accost talk to people on the street, right? I'm thinking there would be prety flexible work hours, which would still enable me to continue hitting the gym in the mornings...

No big big rush, but would be nice to be earning some $$ instead of dipping into my savings :p Star*ucks mahal loh!

okay... should start preparing those interview questions.



  1. Coffee bean and Tea Leaf also provides free wifi service now. Haven't tried it out as yet.

  2. hi Adam! hey that's extremely good news to hear! Thanks to you, I surfed and founf this article which confirms your news, and makes me oh so gladdddd!!! yahhooooooo!!


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