Monday, March 27, 2006

we'd get along *just* dandy!

see here (about 6 "Page Downs" on my PC)

I am grinning from ear to ear ... Favorite science fiction TV show of all time, summore!

Yes, I am a freak.

Or maybe some may say "geek"?

In fact, I read Omni's latest post (@ 3/26/2006 04:59:00 AM), and just about howled with laughter at the "Not the One! Not the One!" quote :D I can still picture Zathras saying it too, with the head-shaking and all... :D

Ah, good times...

.... looking fwd to watching Season 4 all the way to the end (we'd stopped @ the "banishment" of the Vorlons & Shadows, so have *no idea* how the earth conflict gets resolved...!!) once I'm back in the u.s. :-)

yes yes, other exciting things will be happening once I'm back in the u.s., but on top of that, I will get my Bab5 fix again, wahoooooo!!

I'm still grinning from ear to ear, btw :D


  1. Hmm....have you seen the incredibly short run of Crusade?

    Then there are the B5 films...which I still haven't seen all of.

  2. Crusade: nope, have heard about it, and will consider getting/renting once we are done catching up with Bab5 (including the movies - we have thaat DVD set too, I think i've seen them all but Kosh hasn't, so we'll be making our way thru that set too).

    Did you hear that based on the "surprising" demand for Bab5 DVD sets, the powers that be are/were toying the idea of making a Bab5 movie? I haven't heard anything about that project in a long time tho, I guess it got shelved...


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