Wednesday, March 15, 2006


For those in KL - go and see this show!


It's on till this weekend at the Actors Studio in BSC, and there are few seats left.

Trust me, this "Japanese Mime" duo is just magnificient!

And according to them, it was the first time they received a full standing ovation too. It helped that Harith Iskandar was in the crowd, and obviously totally enjoyed the show: it was he (him?) who immediately stood up at the end of the show : one comedian honoring another :-)

Go see them.

It will be totally worth your while.

And if you're not in KL/malaysia - remember the name, and if ever they come to your neck of the woods, do try to catch them k?

I'm gonna have images of the slo-mo boxer in my head for quite a while now.


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