Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cheese Naan!

Yummmm, that was dinner last night - along with TWO ice-blended Milo with tapioca pearls.

Yep, was at Sri Steven's at Pandan Indah.

... unlike other places that use those horrid Kraft Singles fake-cheese crap in their cheese naan, Steven's actually uses REAL cheese! All ooogey goooey and unhealthily delicious!

MMmmMMmmmmmMmmMMmMMMMmmmMM :)

- - -
Movie review: Underworld: Evolution

I gotta say "Not outstanding, but certainly much better than dreaded anticipated".

Based on the few scenes of the original Underworld movie I caught here and there on tv perhaps a month ago where I developed the impression that it was a bad rip-off of the Matrix, I would say that Underworld 2 is definitely much better than the original. :p

The mythology is certainly very different than that developed in Buffy/Angel-land... unfortunately, it's also not really clear, so there are more questions than answers for me wrt Kate Beckinsale's character taking in some of the original big daddy's blood... just how did that enable her to withstand sunlight? Just what was the "legacy in his veins" that was so powerful? And how did big daddy come about in the first place anyway?? And that "strong link" between the twins Marcus & William: didn't really see much about that, perhaps they could have explained that a bit better...

on a related note, I wonder if William and Marcus inadvertently embodied the distillation of lycan and vampyr properties separately, which existed together within big daddy?

One really cool aspect of feeding off of blood of victims: everything the victim has experienced gets "passed on" and "absorbed" by the vampire. "no secrets". excellent, totally excellent take on the "legacy" in our veins!

    Of course, watching it in the Malaysian cinema involved censorship of sex scenes... tho I'm surprised that lots of the gory scenes of the vamp vs lycan fights didn't seem to have been cut at all.

    Yet there were one or two scenes that seemed to jump for no apparent reason, so I wonder what was being said that might have been deemed offensive...

    then again, the Michael character swore "Jesus Christ" so often it was hilarious to hear, but I did wonder why *that* wasn't cut out.

    I don't think I will ever understand what it is that prompts the Censorship Board to cut or not to cut.

Resulting from watching this movie:
  • gotta watch the original movie (once back in the u.s. rent from library lah)
  • then re-watch #2, also in the u.s., without the cuts, LOL
  • look up the vamp/lycan mythology according to the movie, see if there's a book/series that the movie was based on...
  • a long time ago, I had found on the bookshelves of the "mystery/thriller" section of Kinokuniya, a series of books to do with vamps & werewolves with a love affair between the leaders (or high-ranking "officials, or their kids,,,) of these enemy factions. Would have bought to read, if only I could find Book 1... so didn't get anything at that time... then later I couldn't even find it on the shelves anymore... no idea of title, author, etc. So now I wanna try to hunt that down... cos I wonder if maybe this series was the inspiration for the movie? Either way, I'd just like to delve a bit more into this realm...

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