Wednesday, March 01, 2006

if it were up to me...

... I'd have taken in this little kitty!

... aaah, how I wish I were living on my own, so I can go back to rescuing kitties like this one!! ... it was mewing SO loudly at the bus stop where I was waiting for Allie two evenings ago... ... it sounded so desperate and lonely ... ... I had to steel myself... cos I knew that if I interacted with it, it would have wanted to follow me... ...or be encouraged to come out from the shrubs near the bus stop... ... and what would be the chances of it then wandering off onto the road and getting itself run over? No way! ...

... didn't see/hear it when I got back later that night ...

... hope it's okay ...


  1. Hope it's ok too. It was probably left there by someone who had too much cats at home.

  2. actually the kitten is probably a stray, the offspring of a stray cat. Unfortunately too many of those around due to like you said - people who have too many at home (but don't want to spay/neuter the cats!? That's irresponsible, IMHO)

  3. Tsk, I agree. There's just too many irresponisible pet owners in this world.


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