Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Face Match Part Deux

(Part One here.)

For the heck of it... tried another pic of myself @ My Heritage:

The results:
1. Zhang Ziyi (Kewl. Waaaaaaaaay off, but kewl)
2. Annette Bening
3. Kobe Bryant (haaaahahahahahaaaaa)
4. BoA (Eh? What a name, never heard of oso)
5. Andy Lau
6. Arthur Conan Doyle
7. Leonardo di Caprio
8. Alyson Hannigan (whoohooo finally one I like, Willow, whooohoooo!)
9. Gong Li

Funny to see 4/9 are Chinese and another 4/9 are MALE - I suppose I looked masculine & Asian in this pic I used today? LMAO!!!

Then, I tried something Kenny Sia style: The CHIA SPOCK! After all, it *should* spit Leonard Nimoy back out, shouldn't it? Errrr, think again!

Other results:
2. Lino Ventura (who??)
3. Condoleeza Rice (LMAO!!)
4. Victoria Adams (Posh Spice? Waahaaahahahahahaaaaa!!)
5. George C Marshall (eh?)
6. Tim Curry (Yowzer! Imagine Mr Spock in fishnets & leather bustier??)
7. Sophie Ellis-Bexter (who?)
8. Michael Keaton (Spocky Dangerously?)
9. Nicanor Duarte Frutos (I had to look him up - President of Paraguay - wah learnt something new today!)

(MAJOR storm heading my way - getting off line & off the 'puter *now*, byeeee!!!)

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