Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gasp! a *p0rn* meme?

Tagged again!

By SG again (Another porn meme...)! :p

It's kinda what I did with the random word generator, except that this ain't no collection of random words! Obviously one is suposed to write some hot n heavy stuff, eh?

Instructions: Write a short story of not more than 200 words, based on the following words which can only be used once!
    1. sleepover
    2. whip
    3. handcuffs
    4. leather
    5. sexy
    6. threesome
    7. hairy
    8. shotgun
    9. squeeze
    10. explosion

bleah. here goes:
    Once in a while us girls will organise a sleepover: I'd whip up my legendary fruit salad while others would bring KFC, ice cream, etc etc. Then we'd gorge ourselves while watching movies, gossiping, and all that fun stuff. Last week we watched Threesome - I certainly enjoyed feasting my eyes on that oh-so-sexy Stephen Baldwin! Pity he's so hairy though. Then again, I’ve been told that the hairier you are, the higher your sex drive, hmmmmmmm!

    One day, we had *such* a gigglefest when Dana found a pair of handcuffs under the cushions of the leather couch, courtesy of her absent-minded policeman brother – yes that snotty kid who liked to ride shotgun, and if he's made to sit in the backseat he would cry! Maybe that's why he became a cop?

    Then that other time me & Dana were so shocked at the sound of what we thought was an explosion; turns out gassy indigestion-prone Ivy had tried to squeeze out a silent fart, but somehow it come out loud and clear instead! We almost died laughing! And she's been Ms LAD (loud and deadly) ever since.

    Wonder what the next session is going to bring... can't wait!

Waaahahahahaaa I made it a point to NOT make it "dirty" :p it's more of a challenge that way :) 199 words. so there! :p


  1. Great work lynne... for coming up with a 'clean' one. :D

    BTW, was the last sentence still part of the story? Coz there was another 'sleepover' in there. :D

    Thanks for being a sport!

  2. whoooops! thanx for pointing that out... it has since been replaced with "session" :D


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