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Friday madness!

Today, no wait it's past midnight, YESTERDAY was one heck of a day!

But before I recap that.... take a look at this:
P: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear.
S: Evidence removed.

P: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer.
S:Took hammer away from midget.

If you're going "wtf?" and have no idea what that is all about, do read about it HERE at Dawn's place. Guaranteed major laughs!! Check it out :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Got intrigued by Samm's reference to a Jessica Alba show involving barcodes and necks in a recent comment: found out it's Dark Angel. Sounds interesting. Might check it out once am back in the u.s.

It seems the show got cancelled cos FOX wasn't going to fund two sci-fi shows at the same time: it got canned in favor of Joss Whedon's Firefly, which also didn't last long but seems to be something worth watching.... it's been reborn as a movie that is/(has?) coming out: Serenity. Why do I care? Well, he *is* the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, after all.... I wanna see Serenity, but i wonder if it would be "beneficial" to have seen the Firefly tv series first... anyone got opinions on this?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So. The madness that was Friday.

Woke up at 7. Decided I was not hitting the gym. Slept on, till 8.

Then I slowly get up, shower, dress up, get a ride to the train (well, LRT, actually) station. Take it all the way to Ampang Park station. Accidentally go to Ampang Park: take advantage of the mistake by changing some USD into RM since the rate was better than at KLCC. Needed some cash, anyway. :-)

Then went to the PNB building, in order to get my address changed in their system.

Was slightly early for first of three "dates", so decided to walk thru KLCC park. at 1045am. Hmmmm, *not* the best thing to do when u know you are going to be stuck in the same clothes alllllll dayyyyyyy. Sweaty maaaaah!


So, met up with Pal#1 at my previous haunt. I'd not met her the last time I was back, so it was good to catch up again...

Then, had about 30mins before *next* date.

Went to book a foot masssage for 245pm: figured that would give me enuf time after lunch for bank stuff if needed, and finishing just before my 3rd "date" at 4pm.

Then hopped over to one of my banks, needing to inform them of my change of address, and for another matter too. The counter to get the forms was closed. So I friggin had to take a number and wait to get to the other counters in order to just get the forms. Which I couldn't submit there and then because I had to fill them out first. Bleh. Nemmain, took 'em with me, figured I'd drop by between end-of-lunch and start-of-foot-massage.

12:45 noon: Date #2 with 4 other pals. Had only managed to meet up with 2 of them last time, so had lots to catch up on. Also got "invited on behalf" to a wedding reception the next day of another ex-colleague: they were sure the bride would have invited me she'd known I was back. Okaylah, I will put on my "thick face" and go with them, teeheeeee! Have made arrangements to tumpang with SS to go there, then will have to find someone else to tumpang with to get back to town (it's gonna be out there in Putrajaya maaah!).

2pm: while walking SS to the LRT station, bump into Elaine! "Dump" SS and walk with Elaine to catch up with her pulak!

Then back to the bank, to submit the completed forms.

Notice chopper flying around the building, and large crowd outside: oh yeah, supposedly more protests to be held after Friday Prayers, protesting the hike in petrol prices. I walk by to take a look: seemed to be more curious onlookers than actual protesters. Didn't bother hanging around to listen, but I did notice a banner saying something like "Kerajaan mintak rakyat ubah cara hidup. Rakyat mindah ubah kerajaan!" (The goverment asks the people to change their lifestyle [to adjust to the price hike]; the people say "change the government"!).

Sorrylah, but you're barking up the wrong tree. As tough as the hike is, can you not appreciate that our petrol price is still among the lowest in the region? We can't be expecting the government to keep shelling out money to keep the petrol price low for consumers! All good things come to and end, my friends.... it's hard, it's harsh, it's a terrible burden that's been passed on to us, but please, we have to deal with it! Don't keep expecting the gomen to pay for everything....

But... ya lah, the government also needs to buck up and get more transparent, accountable, responsible, etc etc etc... if they cut into our comfort zone, they sure as hell should reciprocate and cut into their own! Change THEIR "lifestyle" of cronyism, discrimination, bullying, and whatnot...

It seems that later the demonstraters were doused with chemical-laced water from water cannons (need subscription to read the full article. The teaser goes "Helicopter swooping, flag burning, cannons firing and hundreds running. Nope, this is not Baghdad but KL - where protestors see their $$$-fueled fury drowned.". Flag burning??? Really?????? Geeeeeez.... .... good thing I just passed through, eh? (more links & news via Jeff Ooi HERE)

I suppose that happened sometime while I was getting my feet rubbed :D

Aaaah... could feel all the "ketul-ketul" of "angin" in my "urat" (errr.. loosely translated to evidence of wind/air in my veins?)... I stopped myself from asking the guy to do harder, takut nanti I wouldn't be able to walk! And overall, it was quite painful... so again, I gotta make it a point to take walks in the park including hitting the reflexology path! The feet need it!!!

Then, waited for my 4pm date, which in the end was at 5pm. Her meeting ended late. Me not surprised :p

Took advantage of the lull to shop around, and got a pair of sneakers to walk around in (to "spare" my current sneakers for just tennis!).

Saw this excellent piece of creative work (a "lidi" fruit basket) at Royal Selangor, part of its Comyns silver collection. Pity it costs RM4k!??

Anyone wanna chip in for a present for me?? Hurry, it's a limited edition of only 100 pieces!! ... ... ... I can dream, can't I??? :p

Anyways, so did have date #3. More catch-up.

Once over, i so did NOT want to share the LRT with all the office workers. Caught Tristan + Isolde instead. Okaylah... they took great liberties in setting up the story: as far as I know, Tristan was a bard/musician, not the "adopted" son of "King" Marke (Marcus!!) of Cornwall!! But hey, the horrid twist of fate of the lovers was still well told. It was worth seeing despite the cuts (mostly the sex scenes lah. Maybe *one* gory hand-chopped-off scene too). The girl was good. The guy, well, I think he might have been chosen for looks rather than ability? Really couldn't relate to him at all! Then again, i really liked the tale when I studied it in my Arthurian Literature class, maybe I have a preconcieved idea of who he should behave?


Out of the theatre around 835pm.

LRT. Home.


Need sleep. Have 1030 appointment tomoro! Have to squeeze into some baju kurung to attend the wedding! B. L. E. H.




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