Friday, March 17, 2006

... the future's so *DIM* i gotta wear ... ??

Here's an article to read: Goodbye sunshine
Each year less light reaches the surface of the Earth. No one is sure what's causing 'global dimming' - or what it means for the future. In fact most scientists have never heard of it.
(btw - have that title running around in my head, to the tune of The Beatles' "Good Day, Sunshine" :p )

Okay, so this article is dated December 2003. Tried Googling for others, but guess what? That Goodbye Sunshine article is tops when looking for "global dimming" :p

So, just pause for a minute ... with the sun being a huge source of "free" solar energy, and oil prices that just keep going up and up, and most of us really wishing there were more environmentally-friendly energy sources that could be tapped to reduce/eliminate our dependecy on oil ... are we going to lose the sun as an energy source?

Even better: a few generations from now, will daylight be a myth they scoff at?

Just how bad is this dimming thing?? They don't seem to know, do they??

... i turned to Wikipedia to see that could be seen....

And to my relief, it seems that there's been "some reversal" in the dimming, "particularly over Europe", attributed to reduction in pollution. Also, it seems Earth has "brightened" by 4% in the last decade, so maybe all is okay?

Well, "okay" in a veeeeeeery loose sense lah :p

I still have doubts this world of ours will last beyond another few generations, what with all the abuse we are heaping onto her...

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