Thursday, March 09, 2006

surfing galore

Hey Kosh, remember the subservient chicken? Here's something similar: the virtual girlfriend! personally i prefer the chicken... couldn't get the gf to do much, LOL!

A great post by Arod, who shares the news of a, errr, "pubic vehicle" in L. A.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Nuff said.

Ah, yes... I remember wanting to customise these Bingo cards for meetings with the consultants, and management... everyone was just spouting jargon and consultantspeak... ever heard of the BullSh*t Bingo? Check it out!

Instead of TrainSpotting, how about doing some IP Spotting?

Barcode yourself. Here's me:


  1. about the virtual gf - "spank" was an interesting one. i'll have to check that out more later. "dance" wasn't bad either. i'll try some more when i'm not on a computer at a mental health institution!!! (...don't ask.....)

    ...still not sure if i "get" the barcode thing. i need sleep!!!

  2. Aiyo, this barcode thingy reminds of the show starring Jessica Alba (forgot the name of the show). You gonna tattoo this onto your neck for us?

  3. You sure do have a lot of time on your hands.

    BTW, the subservient chicken got a lot of hits on its website when it first came out a couple of years ago. I visited it once and ordered it to DIE! LOL! :D

  4. kosh> well i think my lack of "response" was related to having a really bad dial-up connection... all i got was a jerky (haahaha!) pic of her standing up and walking twd the camera. Maybe will try from Dtarbucks with the laptop. one day. :p

    samm> I was so intrigued I looked it up on IMDB: the (tv) show was DARK ANGEL, and J.A.'s character (Max), also known as X5-452, has barcode number 332960073452. Sounded intersting, now i'm gonna have to go out and hunt for the series... grrrrr :p teeheehehee!

    SnglGuy> might seem that way, but actually i was just going through about 2 weeks' worth of Linky & Dinky links (and only found those few blogworthy ones, hmmmmmm...) .. i wouldn't stumble across these things on my own :p


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