Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday, I had this feeling that I was going to bump into someone I knew, probably an ex-colleague or something.

The plan was to meet up with Kindred Spirit at Sentral, take the train to Mid Valley, then spend most of the day there just walking around, chatting, etc. Figured if I were to bump into someone, it would be there.

So we walked, and ate, and walked, and drank, and chatted chatted chatted … all in all I think we spent almost 7 hours in each other’s company, I think that must be some sort of record for me, LOL!

Still hadn’t bumped into anyone I knew.

Headed back to the Sentral where we parted ways, and I took the LRT with the usual plan of getting off (hahaha) at the station closest to the apartment; my mother would then come pick me up.

But: by the time I got there, it was raining hard. And it was after 630pm, so the traffic in the area wasn’t all that good. Suggested that the parents head out for an early dinner around 7pm and either pick me up from the nearby shopping complex, or head to that place to eat so I’d just meet them there (dinner is always an eat-out affair w/ my parents…).

Since I requested “no rice” for dinner [seeing as I had had my first nasi lemak of the year for lunch (Madam Kuan’s) – excellent, but extremely rich, and I was still burping it up so many hours later….], we ended up having either assam laksa or curry laksa for dinner at that shopping complex. A lackluster affair, but hey, I treat that as a soup dish and don’t eat the noodles, so I was happy that I wasn’t stuffed like I tend to be when having to follow my parents’ rather unwise evening eating habits :-)

... *still* hadn’t bumped into anyone I knew.

Then parents decided to head over to Bangsar Village to visit the DIY shop, and do some miscellaneous shopping. And once we finally get the car parked, get into the building, head towards the escalator….

... I see an ex-colleague of mine!

Couldn’t chat too too long, she was there with hubby and kids, they were heading one way, I was heading another, but it was just excellent that SHE was the one I ended up bumping into yesterday.

~ ~

Today, felt the effects of having mall-walked most of the day… felt soooooo tired…. ached all over…. but it was a *good* ache :-)

Despite the lethargy, I still headed to the gym,,,,, but when my usual 5 mins warm-up on the cycle didn’t raise much of a sweat, I knew it was going to be a light & slow day for me.

Which is fine.

I didn’t push myself, but I still ended up taking about an hour: 3x10 reps for various shoulder, lats, sides, chest, triceps, quads (oops I forgot biceps today!) exercises, plus some ab work. And a bit more cycling at the end.

Gonna take it easy for the afternoon, then at 4pm I need to be in the KLCC area to meet an old friend. We’ll also be watching the 5:15pm showing of Underworld 2. I did say that I hadn’t seen Underworld 1 yet, but then, turns out, neither had she, LOL! I do know it involves vampires & werewolfs, and that it looks like a bad ripoff of The Matrix. I wonder what we are in for…. I suppose I’ll say more, if needed, once I’ve sat through it :D

Okay, time to de-stink-ise myself.



  1. hello lynne,

    just dropped by to say hi..

    Madam Kwan's? Yum! hehe..

    sook mei

  2. hi sook mei, thanx4stopping by!

    btw i followed the link to your profile, but you blog is no longer listed there :(


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