Sunday, March 05, 2006

Baghdad Burning Oscar Special

Hilarious, but at the same time, very sad... but also educational for those paying just acursory glance at what's been going on in Iraq nowadays...

Check out the Baghdad Burning Oscar Special!!

And read, among other things, about nominees for various categories like Best Actor:
George W. Bush in “OIF: The War on Terror” The third sequel to the original “Operation Iraqi Freedom: Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “Operation Iraqi Freedom: Liberating Iraqis”. Bush’s nomination comes for his convincing portrayal as the worlds first mentally challenged president.

... and Best Motion Picture:
“Kangaroo Court” - starring Saddam Hussein, Barazan Hassen, and various judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

... or Best Production
“OIF: The War on Terror” (originally called “My Daddy’s War”) produced by Washington neocons, including Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc.

Plenty more... do check it out! Go! Now!

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