Thursday, March 23, 2006

it's amazing how a SMALL thing...

... can have such a large impact...

A teeny tiny little tab broke off the flip part of the phone. How tiny? Here it is next to a Malaysian 1-sen coin for comparison:
(Sorry - blurry. My phone doesn't seem to be able to do close-ups :p )

Wondering what my phone is, and where actually that little bit goes? Here's something that should help:

So now, just cos that bloody thing snapped off (and I'm pissed because I've taken great care to NOT let that happen,,, then,,, all of a sudden, whooops it's gone. &#^%@$^*(&!!!! ), I can't use the keypad properly: I hit the 3/DEF key but get 2/ABC instead. I hit the "C" button but get the "menu" instead.

Why nowwwwwww!!!

I was gonna get rid of both phone AND phone line in a few months....

The flip can't be fixed: it needs to be replaced. At what cost? dunno yet, but even RM50 is too much for something I'm not planning on keeping much longer... and yet... i like using the keypad more than the open screen, depending on what I'm doing on the phone... so I may bite the bullet and get it changed anyway. If they even have the parts available anymore!?!!


Stupid design, anyway. I think they got rid of those stupid tabs for the next model anyway.

Me still mad.


  1. Hey is that a SE P900? Maybe it's time you upgrade... get an O2 Atom. :D

  2. actually it's the earlier version: the SE P800... if I was still working AND still a technogeek, I would certainly upgrade... but I'm no longer hung up about the latest gadgets, AND I'm not planning on keeping a mobile/line with me once I'm back in the u.s. on a more permanent basis... so maybe laaaaaater, if i really need both a line *and* a phone/PDA....


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