Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Concatenating randomly-generated words

My second BSB post HERE, with a lesson in vocabulary (and spelling?) in the comments; do drop by :)

And since I am (was) downloading stuff and needed to keep the connection going, figured I'd concatenate some of those randomly-generated words, just for the heck of it... here goes!!
A:What are the odds of coming across a small stone / piece of gravel in your rice?

B: Not that high, I guess.. rice is usually well-polished and cleaned and processed by the time it is put into those bags to be sold... but I must say, if you *do* come across it while chewing, it makes such a horrible noise in your head, does it not?

A: Yep, like you broke some teeth or something, so terrible the sound...

B: Hey, ever had bird's nest soup or not?

A: No, never. And now, scared lah to eat anything related to birds, what with that bird flu thing!

B: You know, unless and until it's wiped out, I aint touching no poultry! In the interim, I'm considering going vegan!

A: Hmmph. Go ahead lah. The trials and tribulations I faced just by being an egg & dairy vegetarian were bad enough, what more to be vegan?? Good luck lah to you!

B: Aiyah, healthier what, in SO many different ways! You know how you feel obligated to eat all of the courses served when attending a Chinese dinner? Now, I have good excuse mah! Then I won't overeat... concentrate on just having the kailan, taufu and other veggies...

A: That argument almost makes sense... except that unless you are very strong-willed, no way are you going to be "good". The food would smell too good mah.

B: Patience is one of my virtues. No worries.

A: *cough!* *seems to be gasping for air*

B: Ayoyoyo, are you all right? You are turning red in the face!

A: I'm okay,,, Haahahahaha... I just don't remember you being patient with that poor lad at the restaurant yesterday - he hardly understood English, how do you expect him to understand you saying that the meal "... failed to satisfy" you? Cakap je lah you didn't like the meal! You raise your voice at him for what...

B. heehehe and then he pointed to that poster on the wall thinking I wanted the brand of cigarette that promised satisfaction... that was hilarious! [pause] Okaylah, so maybe "patience" isn't the right term for me...

A: you got THAT right, bro!

Wow... that bites... LOL!


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