Thursday, March 02, 2006

yahooo, tennis tonite!

... of course, that is assuming:
    1. it's not going to rain this evening; and
    2. i manage to borrow a parent's car to get there!

... but based on the assumption that i *am* having tennis tonight, I skipped my morning gym session today.

Which is fine, seeing as my arms (& "wings") are still sore from the upper-body focussed session two days ago :p

fyi, I just started working out on Monday, and spent that first day more on checking out the dinky gym and its sparse equipment. Still had a major sweat-fest tho ... one of the "advantages" of not having air-cond in there :p

Then Tuesday concentrated on upper-body (seated lat pulldowns & standing tricep pushdowns on the machine, followed by an assortment of bicep, wrist & chest exercises) with a few mins on the treadmill/cycle for warm-up/cool-down.

Yesterday was more lower body... unfortunately I could only do leg extensions on the machine, since the leg press part of the machine (and its related seated chest press station) is not working... So did more flex/tone than strength for the rest... it was a good workout seeing as I was totally dripping in sweat by the time I was done! I feel some twinges in the upper thigh & butt areas from it, so I certainly did some good... but nothing like what I (still) feel in my "wings" from Tuesday, LOL!

So today, to give the body a break, I got my morning exercise by walking to a nearby governtment agency building to inform them about my change in address. Then walked to a nearby 7-11 to get 2 cartons of milk (need lots, cos my b/fast nowadays is just a glass of this milk). Then walked back. Didn't sweat *anywhere* near as much as I'd anticipated, bummer :(

Looking forward to my first tennis session since forever!

How to make sure no rain, ah?


  1. Am just curious... why do need to sweat so much? It's not like you need to lose a lot of weight. Or do you? :D

  2. Ok, I just read that post... Some people just can't help being insensitive. :-)


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