Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hey, this is my 400th post in this blog! kewl!

Had to take note of this piece of news: "South Park" battle over Scientology heats up.

Helllooooooo, South Park is known to poke fun at anything and everything.

I can't believe my eyes when I read that Isaac Hayes, the guy who provides(d) the voice of Chef, has quit because of "the show's ridicule of religion"

... after HOW MANY years of enjoying whatever $$ he's made from the show ridiculing Christianity, Jesus, Islam, Santa Claus, whatever ...

You're more than happy to profit from the ridicule of other religions / beliefs...

You only now draw the line, when it hits you personally??

You hypocrite.

(btw, on an unrelated note: did you know that his performance as "Chef" in the TV series "South Park" (1997) was supposed to be a one-time event, but audience reaction was so positive, "Chef" became a regular character? Found this bit of trivia here thanx to imdb)


  1. 400, you go girl! :-)

    Blogger's latest disaster kept me from making my intended St. Patrick's Day post (in fact I still can't use my regular browser on Blogger blogs, grrrrrrrr), so I'm belatedly giving you my latest dazzling poetic offering:

    Be of good cheer
    And drink some green beer
    St. Patrick's Day is here!! :-)


    Omni the Poet

  2. SG> well, considering post#300 was on 28th Jan.. it've done 100 posts in less than 2 months.... that's quite prolific, eh?

    omni> okay so it *wasn't* just me then! I wondered if it was blogger, or my dial-up, or my OC... *sigh* ... thanx for the ST Paddy's poem hun! :-)


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