Tuesday, March 28, 2006

do you need a marijuana prostitute immediately?

Look no further than Yow Chuan Plaza,
. . . "M" level ...
. . . . . . right where the pedestrian bridge is ...

Not only does the place provide "Pot Ho Stat*" service...
    ... seems like it may even provide some "binding" S&M services too!

    ... perhaps provided by Mistress Lamination?

Ah, I will miss this getting this kind of laugh once I'm back in the u.s....

(for those a bit blur: "stat" = abbreviation of the Latin statim meaning immediately; watch an episode or two of ER and you'll pick it up, err, stat, LOL!!)


  1. Hahahaha, it's really fun to look out for stupid/funny signs. BTW, even Americans are guilty of putting up stupid/funny signs. :-)

  2. yea, but over there it's not so prominent - at least, where me&Kosh are :)


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