Sunday, March 26, 2006

of dreams and books

If you've got the time, why not stop by Gangadhar's "Invitation to Dream" and see what you think about the photo... you can see my comment there :-) add your own lah, k?


I did some impulse buying yesterday, grrrr @ myself ... all Veya's faullltttttt!!! heeheheh! Yea, she wanted to visit the bookstores in The Curve as we were walking aimlessly while talking ... so we entered Borders ... they had this "Buy 3 get 1 FREE" offer on selected books, which I know are usually non-famous non-moving stock. But... something caught my eye...

T H White's The Once & Future King

Ugh, one of THE Arthurian books, often referred to during my Arthurian Literature course, but it wasn't part of the actual syllabus/book list, and I'd never gotten around to getting/reading it (same with Thomas Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur)... and there it was, in hard cover summore, for RM30 only.... what a steal!!

oh darn...

So I thought to myself, nevermind, that's just one book, no need to get "suckered" into getting books you don't really want.... but... I kept looking at the other books in the selection... you never know, I may just find something else... like

What If? The World's Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been

Ayoyo, that sounds like a good read! Hard cover for RM35, and it's actually Vols 1 & 2 put together.

Gawsh darn it, that's TWO books alreadyyyyyyyyy!!

Veya was no help, I hoped she'd see one or two she liked, so we could combine our books and split the savings, but she said she didn't see anything she'd want.


Saw "an FBI thriller", don't remember title or author, but figured it would do for a mystery/thriller type read. Can do lah for the "extra" book maybe.

So, needed a fourth.

And found The Complete Book of Heraldry.
(bought it for around RM25 - and it's on amazon for USD22!!)

Yes, I have unusual tastes.

So I walked away with four hard cover books, paying only RM91 for them. I think that was a really good deal. But yeah, it was all still an impulse buy - I didn't *need* those books! :p


Finished another book today: Alien Dawn: An Investigation into the Contact Experience by Colin Wilson. It explores the entire gamut of "alien contact", and comes to some very thought-provoking conclusions.

It provides a sampling of a variety of contact experiences, sometimes revisiting the same experience in different chapters depending on the particular "angle" being explored.

I knew of Uri Geller and his spoon-bending abilities - what I *didn't* know is that he attributes his gaining the ability via alien influence. Did you?

I was also reminded of the fantastic yet true account of the abduction of a lady witnessed by a prominent UN official and his two bodyguards - and was amazed to know the follow-up story that one of the bodyguards had actually "met" the lady abductee before, during his own abductions.

And the train of thought leading to the supposition that these aliens may be "higher-evolved beings", perhaps a branch of human that had broken away from our line a long time ago, when our line insisted on looking at things from a totally logical/rational/"hard"/left-brain perspective, while they were the polar opposites. And that we have absolutely no grasp of just how much we can do with our minds- skills and abilities that these "aliens" have mstered.

I'm not really capturing the book - I admit, I didn't concentrate-concentrate on it... but I definitely think it's worth a read for anyone who wants to know a bit more about what's out there, and like me gets irritated very quickly by the typical breathless sensationalistic conspiracy theory type style. This books is different. A bit draggy at times, but certainly different.

... it's certainly given *me* some things to think about ...


  1. Uri Geller was exposed as a hoax in later years... and to think he became a cartoon super hero. :-)

  2. yea, i kinda had that (uri = hoax) at the back of my mind, and wondered when that had happened, and whether the author chose to ignore those charges :D ... but even with uri's hoax notwithstanding, if you look at the entire body of evidence pertaining to these "contacts" (and what is discussed includes "time slips" and ghosts, poltergeists, not just "greys"), one can't (or shouldn't) summarily dismiss them *all* as hoaxes...

  3. I agree lynne, I'm a mystery nut too and I have tons of books on that subject and have been reading them since high school. As the old cliche goes "The truth is stranger than fiction". There's just so many things in this world that science still has no explanation... :-)

    Have a great week ahead. :-)


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